How To Surveillance Home with Google+ Hangouts?

How To Surveillance Home with Google+ Hangouts?
Google Plus, what is this?

The most remarkable application which is really amazing! Yes… Home Surveillance system with Google+ Hangouts how cool!!

FYI: Google Plus Hangouts is a free group video online chat social networking from search giant Google.

You must be familiar with Google+ Plus application. It is an awesome application with all the amazing inbuilt features in it. The features like circles, sparks, hangouts, huddles and many more.

Let us review the hangout feature in Google+ Plus.

Yeah…Google+ is the coolest tech innovation so far. The hangouts feature is an astonishing feature in that. It makes the rooms for the users to hang out with the friends, family or your work group friends or any of your social circles. Is not that great!

Home surveillance system, what is this?

Now we will go through the home surveillance system, what is this?

Our house should be protected when we are away or out for some reasons. Here the idea of “Active Webcam” born. The idea is really very cool!! It is very helpful to us while we are not present inside our house. It keeps its eye on our house while we are away. The sensors of the webcam detects if someone enters the house. The home security is thus gets accomplished with the help of this webcam. A great invention!

The new idea is taking birth of blending the Home Surveillance system with Google+ Hangouts (perfect online video surveillance system), how exciting!!

Yes… there should be someone who is able to keep watch on your home while you are away. The concept of webcam with hangout is perfectly fit in this condition.

As you know home surveillance system is beneficial for the house security. If it is combined with Google+ then it will be easier and comfortable to use.

Let us see how it helps us:
You can apply Google+ hangouts as an on demand remote camera viewer. You just have to create one more account on Google+ and put the first in its own circle. Then start the hangout within that circle. When you desire the check up about what is going in the house, you can just join the hangout with your alternate account and you can view what is happening in the house.

The application won’t work if you set your computer to go to bed, so be sure to turn sleep off of your PC if you want your surveillance!

Enjoy your outings and holidays with peace of mind as your home is being protected with Google Plus Hangouts Home Surveillance system!!

Hey Facebook! can you do this home surveillance? Oops!!! But Google Plus Hangouts can do this : ) Facebook can make Microsoft powered Skype VOIP video calls, but not the group video calls that's too for free, Google+ can do it too, who says and where is the competition in-between two 'giants'?

Learn full trick here & here.

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