How to Get a Free SIP (VOIP)?

Are you aware of the terms SIP? Yes we understand that many of us might be aware of this term, but for those who are not aware of it, SIP that’s the abbreviation for Session Internet Protocol. Huh sounds difficult! But, it actually is not anything difficult.

This is rather a new concept in the world of communication. Just like telephones, mobile phones, Skype etc this is advancement in communication scenario, but yes it surely involves more technicalities along with it.

Let’s take an overview of what this actually is, SIP can be defined as, The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication session such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol.

It is that technology which will allow transmitting speech at a distance over the Internet network. Actually what SIP does is that it enables us to bundle the voice into digital single and after that enables the transfer of it through the Internet.

SIP actually excavates a channel in an IP network which initiates the streaming so that the audio or video can flow between two or more places. Huh…. Sounds too technical? In simple words with this you can communicate in audio or video form that too in a very in an extremely inexpensive manner.

Now all of you might be thinking that how do you get a SIP address. What will it cost? Will it be expensive? Etc. So guys here is an easy way to get a SIP address and that too free. Yes it’s Free!!! Is not this great news?

There is a technology called getonsip. Getonsip is an absolutely efficient, seamless, and most importantly a FREE way to with which you can register for account SIP.

With this once you sign in it will permit you to get connected to any SIP address and enjoy unlimited audio and video calling. I would really encourage all of you to signup and join this developing group Voice over IP users. All the members of can communicate with anyone through Internet via the open protocol.

This also provides you with the facility of in bound and out bound caller ID. This is certainly extremely helpful. So every one out there who wishes to upgrade oneself to the latest technology in the world of communication and that too without spending outrageous amounts on it, just go get yourself registered with getonsip.

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