How to Block Unwanted Phone Calls on Google Voice?

How to Filter Unwanted Phone Calls & Callers on Google Voice?

Everyone gets irritated with the unwanted calls coming on their smart phones. But do not find any solution to overcome the problem. It gets a lot of frustration.

The unwanted calls just ruin down the communications. It is very hard on the mobile devices to avoid the unwanted calls as we don’t know which call we want to avoid.

Here is a solution for the problem. Yes...Google Voice wants for you to filter the unwanted calls. Later the call will go to your junk mail box where they get marked as “unwanted”.

Let us see the process how Google do the calls filter?

Google consists of a database of various spam / junk phone numbers that are already fed by the users. When there is a single call made from the spam numbers it directly falls into Google voice line, where it is considered as a junk call.

The database is invariably increasing because of the daily input from several users. If by mistake any of your number is been tagged as a spam, it can be easily detected and been corrected.

You don’t have any problem regarding the unwanted calls, Google’s free telephony the Google voice is there at your service.

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