How to Add Facebook Stream to Your Google PLUS+

A new app is in the town, to combined the two giant online social networks: Google+ and Facebook called as: “Google+Facebook”. An awesome application!

The two Web kings Google+ and Facebook in spite of their said to be personal rivalry, comes on a single platform to morph within each other’s Avatar! They are in “Google+Facebook”.

Google+Facebook Apps merges Facebook into Google+ ? !

Israeli web developer’s team, Crossrider has issued a new browser extension called “Google+Facebook”. The application unites your old Facebook profile with your new brand Google+ Plus. The extension did not take too much time to build. It just was completed within a day which permits users to make free cross browser extension in a minute.

It is just a site within site. Google+ offers some new, one of its kind features with a well known Face bookish look. Google also strives to acquaint its users with new nomenclature such as “swapping” news feed for “stream”.

There are more attractive features available in Google such as “Circles” which permits users to group their friends, families, workgroup etc. Another innovatory feature called “Spark” which allows users to discover the topics that they might be interested in looking.

Last but not the least, a cool option called “Hangouts”, a group video chat service which perhaps ‘forced’ or rather ‘encouraged’ the Facebook boys to create its own Microsoft’s Skype based web video calling.

With the help of this new application you can see your Facebook flow inside Google+, isn’t that cool!

To use the application you just have to log onto Facebook and get all the information on your Google+Facebook tab.

A “Goo Book” application is ready for you at your finger touch!! Go get ready for it!


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