How Are Single People Connecting Using Facebook and Twitter?

For the majority of single men and women who look for love online, services such as eharmony and generally come to mind. During the past 24 months though, there has been a significant shift in the way in which people search for love in cyberspace.

Popular online dating sites are integrating dating apps with Facebook and other social networks in order to capitalize on the massive reach Facebook and Twitter enjoy thus further legitimizing the online dating concept and thrusting this matchmaking alternative into the 21st century effectively removing the stigma once attached to Internet dating.

Because the Internet has become virtually a compulsive social tool across many societies, people who are single are much more likely to utilize modern dating alternatives. In the early days of online dating, such websites were restricted to not only a very limited data base but a basic messaging system similar to email. Nowadays, functionality rules, and with the combination of Facebook users and state of the art matchmaking algorithms, Internet dating has transformed into a matchmaking solution used by millions of people each day.

Online dating is a mainstream concept and highly publicized. Many high profile blogs showcase the services and dating apps offered. Online businesses frequently have affiliate arrangements with leading dating sites, and nowadays, it's very common to see online dating commercials splashed across our TV screens during prime time: Imagine that a decade way! According to the latest hit statistics, Google searches relating to online dating now fair among the top five highest searched services in the world.

So, exactly how does online dating and social networking go hand in hand?

When it comes to Twitter dating, the concept behind this model is quite simplistic. You'll be well aware of the Twitter 140 - character process. Dating on Twitter projects itself in the very same way focusing on its member’s age and location. Dating on Twitter allows its users to narrow their search criteria to any location around the globe including preferred suburbs and towns. Members have the option to include a profile picture to accompany their Twitter dating profile. A connection can be established between two enticed tweeters very easily by simply tweeting their intentions. This makes for a very fast and convenient matchmaking tool that only takes a matter of seconds to start the dating process.

The Facebook dating model takes on a whole new level of sophistication and options for online lovers. Facebook users can integrate one or more of the available dating apps which then combines their Facebook page details within the dating profile of their chosen application. Recent online statistics pertaining to social networks indicate that out of the 500 million Facebook members, nearly 30% are single thus presenting the largest network of legitimate single men and women in the world.

Does this transformation of dating via social networks spell the decline for traditional online dating services? Certainly not! The Internet dating marketplace continues to grow in terms and revenue and memberships throughout the last decade. Whilst Facebook is seeing singles crossing over in search for love, the vast majority of savvy and modern young people generally maintain multiple profiles across the various online dating and social networks: You could also call it 'spreading the love'

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