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You may have seen frayed electrical power cords and / or electric plug in with twisted ends with the homeowner or miscreant stamping their feet – which “it just does not work”. How on earth these people cannot see the issue in front of their eyes is downright amazing. Ditto why that frayed cord has not caused a devastating electrical fire to the home or property is another apparent mystery of mankind.
Many appliance “breakdowns” are really due to worn, frayed power cords or plugs that no longer make good, safe and proper electrical contact.
To ensure safe operation you should carefully check and inspect on a regular and ongoing basis all appliance cords for problems. Again to emphasize and drive home this is standard maintenance procedure and should be done on a periodic and regular ongoing basis, like clockwork.
If problems or detected or even suspected replace all frayed or broken cords at once immediately. If you have the knowledge, aptitude and tools and you suspect that the cord is faulty, remove it from the appliance itself and test it with a continuity tester. Clip the tester to one blade of the plug, and next touch the probe to one of the two wires – or if it’s a plug-in-cord, insert the probe into one of the two holes – at the appliance end of the cord. If the tester lights or “buzzes” move it to the other wire and test again.
Repeat this procedure to test the other blade of the plug. If the tester lights or buzzes at each test point, then the cord can be determined by the differential diagnostic steps that the cord itself is not faulty or at fault. On the other side of the coin if the continuity testing unit fails to either light or buzz at any point , then it can be solidly determined , again by the careful differential diagnostic steps employed that either or both the cord or the plug are ( or singly ) faulty.
You can pinpoint the defect by cutting off the plug and testing the cut end of the cord: if the tester lights or buzzes at all test points now, the plug is the defective part alone. The damaged component- cord or plug, or both should be replaced forthwith.
Fire departments are not only employed in actively fighting fires. A major role and responsibility of fire departments is in “fire prevention “and preventative steps.
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