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Google, the most acknowledged, friendly and most renowned search engine worldwide has plunged their most anticipated and highly featured social networking platform to specified number of users called “GOOGLE+”.

These days search limits are not bounded with the pages but of various peoples and about their relative information.

After a long wait Google realized that there is a BIG demand to use social and other signals to raise its core search platforms and perhaps it is the right time to rival the social online giants the Facebook, the Skype etc?!

Let us see why there is a need to brought up Google+

Today the Internet world is exploring a lot of speed that there is no space for superstitions and suppositions. Google needs to adjust itself according to it. Searches are being much smarter and wider all over the world. Hence Google+ came into existence.

What is the Google+ (Google Plus)?

Is it a social network? Is it a destination like Facebook? Answers to all these could be numerous or may range from yes/no.

Google+ is an initiative by the company in its awaited social journey which is going to germinate. You can acquire Google+ by visiting website. Also it comes along with you throughout different Google properties.

But currently due to a large demand it is only by an invitation like was the Gmail at its birth,
What are the features of Google+?

For using Google+ you need to have a Google account and then invite your friends with the help of address book to your network.

1. CIRCLES: Google has arisen with the feature of circles. You can create your own circles or say group of your friends, family member, work group etc. with the help of this group you may came to know that what kind of updates your group need.

2. HANGOUTS: It’s an interesting and amazing Real Time Communication (WebRTC) option given by Google+. It is particularly about the friends’ FREE group video chat service: Hangouts. You can invite your group for video chats with appraisals. Just click on HANGOUT button and here you go!

3. HUDDLE: It is basically a mobile group chat / texting service.

4. INSTANT UPLOADS: Google+ has a new move towards mobile photos and videos called INSTANT UPLOADS. In this you can take photos, upload them and share with your circles.

5. SPARKS: It is a new characteristics’ which permits you to make topics of your own interests and use them as origin of information and then you can share them with other groups.

Google+ Hangouts is not just fun but they are easy too to use. Hangouts are the interesting cloud based video calling service. Google+ hangouts doesn't need any additional downloads and they are free too but currently it requires to download the same plug in that also enables us to talk within Google Talk. It can accommodate 10 peoples at a time for video chat.

To make the video chat work lots of resources are required. So, to backup the hangouts all new standards based on cloud video conferencing are established.

Google talk and Hangouts are using the technology of VIDYO to make their video chats.

GOOGLE + could be addictive and is a mind blowing innovation from Google where you can able to share and communicate from your smart mobile, PC, TABLET or on the WEB.

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