Google Plus for Android Mobile Devices

Google: a shining star among the search engines has published its social networking project called Google+. Just after the publication a great hit in the Android market was released. Google+ application for Android Market, really sounds cool!!

Google+ for android mobiles allows you to send quick messages to peoples, uploads photos and videos.

Google+ for Android is an awesome application. It has combined the various features like having Face book chat, photos sharing, messaging etc. into one and single application.

The Google+ has collection of five main features. Let us view them:

1. Circles: As the name indicates, it allows you to share right things with a selective group of people, thus to maintain the privacy unlike Facebook online social network!

2. Sparks: it provides information about your circles or you can see what the people really talk about nearby things like news feeds etc. It’s just like a face book application.

3. Huddle: here you can have a group chat service, instant messaging too. You can produce your own group and talk as well as share anything you like.

4. Instant Upload: in this feature you have an instant upload of photos and videos in a private album on the cloud, to share with your near and dear ones.

5. Hangouts: This offers free group video (virtual web) chat with anybody up to 10 persons in a group!

FYI: Huddle is the ONLY only service right now on Google+ online social network, which is solely offered on Android applications.

It supports instant messaging, group chat or individual chat. You can also switch to other application while you are waiting for your response message.

Google+ is really a perfect mix of features which are easier to use and share things with your friends and family members. It would be a great substitution for everything else.

Overall, the Google+ application has done a praiseworthy job of outsourcing the full web experience down to the mobile world : )

Stay tuned for more and more latest reviews and updates in the world of mobility & wireless telephony!

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