Get a Free UK Phone Number for iPad (VOIP)

How to Get a Free UK phone Number for Your iPad (VOIP)?

Turn (convert) your Apple iPad into a full fledged telephone with a free UK phone number!! (choose any UK phone number from 200+ area codes or even a 0845 local rate non-geographic number) What an exciting deal and an idea!!

Yeah… you can now convert your iPad tablet PC into a simple phone with the help of a technology with COMS using Bria iPad app.

As we know: COMS is an UK based VOIP service provider.

A new remarkable service has been launched up that allows the UK iPad users to make the phone calls voice conversations through the internet connection.

The main focus of the application is the business tycoons who are traveling around the globe. With the help of this application, they are capable of making and receiving phone calls wherever they are by easily connecting to the local WiFi network. Thus, allowing the users to overcome with the heavy roaming duties / charges.

The UK iPad COMS subscribers can prefer a new COMS telephone number for more than 250 area codes in the UK. The service contains advanced mobile features such as voice mails, call recording etc. the service is provided to all iPad users.

Basically, it is going to be helpful when you are traveling overseas as when they are connected to local WiFi network, they will surely be able to accept inbound calls without any high roaming charges and the outgoing calls are charged as per their local plan rates.

The absolute and unique features of COMS iPad VOIP CALLING:

• Get a free UK telephone number.
• You can build free Coms calls as well as video calls.
• It also supports call forwarding and voice mail service.
• You can exchange the calls as per the requirements.
• It works over WiFi and 3G too.
• You are able to make three ways call with the help of Coms.

Get online today to get free UK phone number for your Apple iOS, iPad. Feel pleasure to make and receive calls that too for FREE!!


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