Free Mobile Video Mail - Record & Send, How To?

How to Record and Send Free Mobile Video Mail?

Video Email App

Just imagine if it’s your best friend’s birthday and you are feeling that wish we would be together…. At such times don’t you become real nostalgic? Its certainly true that there is nothing like to be together at such special moments and that there is nothing that can compensate your presence, but something that can make such moments special is now been discovered.

Yes this new service called mailVU is one marvelous way for sending video mail messages to anyone anywhere that too instantly. It is really very simple to use this. All you have to do is just Click, Record and Send.

I do agree that you can also share messages by texting or mailing. By you know that it does not give that personal touch. It doesn’t convey your sentiments, your expressions, your happiness or your emotions like a video would convey. While watching a video you can actually understand all these things.

Well, let’s try to know mailVU in details,

Video Mails Plays well on Smart Mobiles and Web Browsers, Tablet PCs

Video mails are free and 'plays' well on many smart mobile phones like RIM's Blackberry, Apple iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch Android devices, browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc, over Mac, Windows, Linux PC or smart Tablet PCs etc,

About Pricing

This service is free to use. Yes it’s absolutely free; you don’t need to have any kind of account for this.

Also for any kind of commercial use, this service is also available with paid plans which come along with features like uploading and downloading of videos.

Things required for using mailVU smart App

Its just simple four things

-A computer with a cool internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc)
-A microphone
-A webcam
-Adobe flash player

Privacy is Supreme

The video mails that you send are absolutely maintained on a confidential level. The videos can only be seen by the person you have sent them to like any other email. None of the search engines have access to those, so nothing to worry, they are private and not for the public!

Free Features

-Do not have to maintain any account
-You can also store your video up to 365 days
-The webcam can record video up to 10 minutes
-You can also play this on many smart phones

… mailVU is the simplest and one of the fastest way to send private video messages to all your friends, families and business affiliates. Also now all your video messages will remain absolutely private and confidential, cheers!!!

... Do not wait, just get up and send videos via private mail to your friends and family and share all your thoughts and emotions with them. That’s too for Free with a Facetime effect!!!!!!

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