Forgotten Your Cell? Route Phone Calls-Text to a PC

Forgotten Your Cell? Do Not Track, Just Route the Phone Calls-Text to a PC

Imagine, you have forgotten your mobile at home!! Oh, No! Oh, Yes!

... Do not worry … technology is at the rescue and is with you, you are not alone!

Here is an application for this bad situation, which helps you to still send and receive texts and phone calls (blink/transmit) on your computer screen.

Mighty Text” is the name of the innovative App, it’s a cool app. It must be downloaded on your ANDROID cell phone and you must have Google Chrome browser to access web on your computer,

Google’s Android market is now eager to getting to the most popular smart phone operating system in the world. Android is the optimum platform for the mighty text communication tool.

Mighty text routes or rather pushes text messages and voice phone calls from Android phones to your computer monitor using your current phone number. The voice calls are seen there as missed call alerts,

Features of the Phone Call, SMS Route application:

1. Send text messages from your computer.

2. Receive SMS text messages right now on as they arrive on your Android device and can reply from your computer.

3. Sync all SMS with your Android phone.

4. Quick desktop alerts when new messages come.

Mighty text helps us quickly communicate without the need to pull your phone from your pocket. Also you never miss a phone call or any message if your phone is kept in silent mode. It just portrays your messages sent to your phone and routes them to your computer via server.

A useful and great communication application for people who do not care, remember the things or lost them easily : )


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