Forecast Free App: Broadcast Yourself On iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch

Forecast Free App: Broadcast Yourself On iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch: Location Sharing App

Well, if it is so that just at the spur of the moment you are deciding to throw a surprise party for your best friend on his birthday, Oh… so many things to do and that too at this eleventh hour.

Such a chaos, arranging a venue, ordering a cake and most importantly informing all the friends about it and asking them sure to be there at a certain time. Oh seems so complicated, is not it? Huh!

OK, I have something to share, a secret, which will definitely bring you at ease. An application or what we know them popularly as an APP, called Forecast is a certainly going to help you out in such or similar situations. No this is not related to astrology, as the name suggests, this is purely a tech game!

This application lets you inform your friends about where you would be in a given moment of time.

What is Forecast?

Forecast is a nice and easy way for friends inform about where they are going. You can also explore the places that your friends are going or even develop and create a forecast and share about where you would be later today. Even if you are going out on picnic or say just a coffee. Everything can be shared.

What’s the concept?

There is a check in concept that will inform your friends where you are now. Similarly a Forecast will tell you friends about where you will be later. Unlike Check-in Forecast is something that will render on the promise of a lucky connection. Also even you inform in prior time then your friends would be able to make arrangements you be there.

What’s the time limit?

Unlike other networking applications, we provide a window for 24 hours. As it becomes a bit uncertain if it’s something like where would you be after a week or a month so on and so forth.

How much does it cost?

Hey it’s absolutely Free!!! So what are you all waiting for? Just go and download it ASAP.

How do you start with it?

Either one of your friends has invited you or otherwise you have to sign in and register yourself for this application.

How do you add a location?

You need to enter a location that does exist. If there is a location that is not in existence than you won’t be able to add that. You may then have to take help of Foursquare.

This is certainly another novel and trendy application revealed by Hurricane Party for all of us. Now with all the other technological advancement we can be more at ease with this Forecast application. This certainly is of great help to all. Would you like to check this Forecast app?

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