Five Reasons to Be Grateful for Solid State Storage Technology

Hardly have we enjoyed the moment with 4G when we find ourselves on the eve of 5G networks. The public’s growing intolerance for waiting fueled a speed revolution. Why, though, are developers willing to invest time and research into reducing the time it takes for a high school senior to send a text? Don’t ask. Just be grateful that the pool of profits makes such investment worthwhile.
This is not the first time technological advances are being pulled up by private consumers’ purse strings.
• In the 17th century, Christopher Huygens developed the first piston engine, powered by gunpowder. What did he use it for? To make a sprinkler system. Granted, the garden was at the palace at Versailles.
• Circa 1785, Allesandro Volta designed what is widely accepted as the first internal combustion engine. What did he use it for? He made a toy gun that would shoot a cork.
Although the technology evolved to provide more broadly useful applications, these early internal combustion engines can hardly be represented as providing great benefit to commercial enterprise. And yet, with the benefit of hindsight, the technological advances they represent went on to become the driving force of the Industrial Revolution.
And so it goes with our silicon storage solutions. Although original demand for silicon storage applications was industry-based, today’s innovation boom is powered largely by individual consumers’ desire for increasingly fast and functional portable devices. Does the average person really need to be able to send a text in a fraction of a millisecond? Probably not.
But people’s willingness to pay for the bragging rights that they can do it has led to the advances that benefit commercial enterprises with high-performance computing needs.
So, to repurpose the old proverb, don’t look a gift drive in the gigabyte. The sometimes trivial use of the silicon storage application does not diminish the overwhelming benefits for fast and dependable performance of critical business functions. Solid state storage products provide clear advantages over traditional hard drives.
1. Solid state drives are more durable and stable than hard drives with their moving parts.
2. Solid state drives are faster, besting the hard drives’ 10-15 millisecond access time with an astounding .1 millisecond data access speed.
3. Solid state drives are more compact.
4. Solid state drives consume less power.
5. Solid state drives generally use the same interface as hard drives, making them easy to replace for most applications.
Already, solid state storage drives make the old hard drive look a little like a horse and carriage. Solid state technology provides your business with faster, more dependable and more efficient access to secondary storage data. So the next time you see a teenager texting — be sure to say thanks.
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