Features of a Successful Car Dealership Website

This year has brought along with it a multitude of business opportunities for car dealer websites. As more customers are resorting to the Internet to make inquiries and purchase their favorite cars, an increasing number of dealerships have switched traditional brick and mortar establishments and taken their business online to engage their prospective customers. Given the high level of competition that is prevalent in this business, as a car dealer it is imperative to create a dynamic online presence for yourself. This can be achieved by first creating an impressive landing page for your business.
  1. Visual appeal – Online marketing is no different than your offline campaigns. You need to portray your business in the best light possible. Most customers today are enamored by products that catch their eye and appeal to them. A visually appealing website can create a terrific long lasting impression in the minds of your prospects. This would also help your business rise above the clutter of your competitors and significantly improve the profitability and sales of your dealership.
  2. Include a quotations feature – Since a lot of customers today are using the internet to find out information about their purchases, it would be a good idea to include a quotations feature on your car dealer website. A Request For Quotation feature would enable your prospects to make enquiries regarding the current prices of cars and the services that your dealership offers.
  3. An optimized site is a visible site – Search engine optimization or SEO is a must if you want your site to gain page rankings and increased visibility. You might have a fantastic website but unless you employ SEO techniques you would not be able to dominate your competitors in the process of attracting customers and driving traffic to your site. Hence, a comprehensive SEO strategy is very essential to gain the desired visibility and attract potential consumers to your car dealer website.
  4. Navigability – The success of your website hinges on one major component – its navigability. Unless you have a user friendly website that is navigable your customers would quickly lose interest and leave. This could create serious problems for your dealership, as you would lose potential clients to your competitors. A well structured website that is easily navigable is essential for your dealership.
  5. Customize and personalize – As a dealership you would be catering to a wide range of clients. Each would have their own personal tastes and preferences. Your website design should have a universal appeal. This can be achieved by customizing it to suit the personal preferences of a variety of customers. There are several softwares and tools available that can customize your websites content according to the geographic location of your customers.
  6. Browser compatibility – Couple of years back Internet Explorer was the only known browser to surf the net. These days however there are a multitude of web browsers available. Hence you should ensure that your website is accessible by all your visitors using any kind of browser to surf your pages.
The guidelines mentioned above can help you build a well structured, appealing website that will server your visitors well. A positive browsing experience goes a long way in building customer loyalty and a spike in sales figures for your business.
Chris Burns writes for BURN SEO, a dealer websites provider helping market dealer inventory through dealer social media marketing and traditional SEO.
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