Fake a FaceTime Video Call: Fun iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App

Fake (Prank) a FaceTime Video Call App for (iOS) iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

“Oh my God, not again, please get me out of this situation”!!!

Is not that the sentence that your heart exclaims when you are caught up in a real embarrassing situation? It happens with all of us, that sometimes or the other, we land up being in the wrong places and at the wrong times. At such times you are ready to do absolutely anything in your power to get out of it. There can be different things, but how about just faking an incoming phone call?

Now you all might be thinking that this is a real good way to escape from such situations, but how is that possible to do? Hey now everything is possible with the new Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. This kind of escape is very easily possible if you possess an iPhone.

It’s a real Good News!!!!!!!! With iPhone you can now get a brand new application called as Fake-A-Call. This application will allow you to fake incoming calls and help you greatly to get away with it. You can also fake a call including the Facetime free video calls. No, I am not kidding at all, this really works as it is publicized. No Jail breaking is required either. Have a fun with fake Facetime video calls to your love, kids, mom, dad, friends and family ...

• How does it work?

For setting up Fake-A-Call application a cal profile which is fake and will also have to detail it with the information which will be displayed on he fake call screen. This can include the name of the caller, the picture of the caller, may be something more which will help to make it more persuasive. You can also furnish it with an audio script which would start automatically once you answer the call. In case of faking a Facetime call instead of an audio script you can adjoin a video which would start playing after answering the call.

Today with the advanced technology you can get many such audio scripts or say videos which include a medical emergency in the family or something similar of that kind which would bring your bungle some situation to an immediate end and will also help you escape out of it.

This application also offers a scheduling for every single profile, permitting you to decide to suddenly end an embarrassing situation at a predetermined time. This feature was actually added in version 5.0 but has just been brought out.

• Benefits

This is one of the best fake calling applications which are available with the Apple Stores.

You can have the facilities of a completely functional keypad, mute, speaker, contacts buttons.

This is help you escape an embarrassing situation or and of the boring meetings and just make an impressions among friends.

The cost of this application is just 99 cents. Is not that awesome?

It’s almost like an absolutely real telephone call.

The fake calling fun app is very easy ans simple to use.

So everyone should download this application ASAP and I am sure you will be happy you did it!!!


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