Facial Makeover App: Beautify Your Face

A thing of beauty is joy for ever, well said,

If you want a facial makeover and / or engaged to get married, but dissatisfied with you photogenic looks or want to do some magic to your face snaps without the Photoshop software than pick up your Apple iOs device: iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4 Gen. etc and download this app from iTunes store,

Using this app you can enhance your photo image and can share with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Online dating sites etc, the world will look your face like Queen Cleopatra having wearing a Monolisa smile and would love you,

Portrait Enhancing Features

Face enhancing app can help you a lot and you can white your teeth, sharp your eye brows, make your lips sexy - glossy, remove pimples etc, play with your face or the face of anybody you love or hate, the app will give all the faces a new face lift,

Yes this works for all, either you are a female or a male, this is the game of technology which sans boundaries of, nations, genders, caste or creed : ) Enjoy!

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