Export Facebook Pictures to Google+ Circle friends?

Another innovatory application has cropped up permitting users to move their photos from Facebook to Google+. How cool!

Yeah … a Pune based web developer had designed an app that can now move your Facebook albums onto Google+. Wow… is not that amazing?

The user’s craze of viewing the social media site is capturing the web world faster than ever.

New innovatory, advanced applications are being invented in a very fast and perfect manner which makes the users to use them at ease.

Just check this out

You can transfer your photo albums pictures from Facebook to Google+ circles. It really sounds smooth!

Move2Picasa, a small but wonderful discovery buy a Pune based web developer which permits its users to move their photos and albums from Facebook to Google+. After transferring, the Google+ Circles can then share the photos.

Move2Picasa moves all photos at once. The transferred photos directly get added into Picasa album in Google account and then it can be shared by Google+ circles.

The application is installed as a plug-in. once it is installed then you can transfer the photos or your albums easily.

For photo transferring you need to get logged on your Facebook account as well as on your Google account too.

With the help of Move2Picasa application photo sharing becomes more easy and delighting.

Get log on to Facebook and Google+ and start sharing the albums! Enjoy!

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