Evolution of Phone Numbers

How the Phone Numbers are Structured?

Since the very invention of the Phone by Alexander Graham Bell, all of the human beings over the globe are connected with each other by the phones.

Currently there is a boom of Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry, Windows-Nokia etc. phones. They are more convenient and comfortable in use for the generation X. The mobile applications seem to become the part of life in the current scenario. Isn’t really true?

Yes…but can you imagine your life without mobile phones? No, never…

Today’s generation is very fast. They send text messages and do calls in a very speedy manner, but think a mobile phone with no keypad! Oh!!

Yes…the keypad, the numbers on that are of real values. In past when there were no phones or no quick means of communication, think how would be the life of people? It can’t be imagined!!

Yes phone numbers, generally the starting from 0 to 9 are of great values. We cannot make a single call without the numbers.

What does the phone number means?

Yes… these are the sequence of digits which are used for the calling purpose from one telephone to other. Previously, telephone numbers were of one, two or three digits and were given orally by the telephone operator. How exciting!! But as the phone systems are getting more and more expanded the phone numbers are also grown to a bigger numbers.

Thanks to the Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell first developed the telephone to communicate with his colleague sitting the door next to him {the famous and historic first words are: Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you}. From that time, the telephonic devices came into existence to have much ease in communication.

Telephone users then roll on the world with huge numbers. Now there was a big need of some specific phone numbers. Thus, the concepts of phone numbers take birth here.

Previously there were 7-digit phone numbers which were quite hard for the users to remember. So, the first three digits were replaced with the letters. It became easy for the users to remember and later on to use.

The previous numbers were: LLL-NNNN format where L stands for name and N stands for the number.

Later on there was a great revolution in the phone numbers. Now the numbers are more flexible and there are 10-digit mobile numbers in the current scenario.

Telephone numbers let us stay connected to the real world; … a bridge between the virtual and the real world; between the machine and the humans!!!


Now one can actually talk on a free Facetime video / voice call over a phone which never is a phone: Apple's iPod Touch, Facetime calling over iPod Touch 4th Generation works over registered Apple email Ids.

In fact, no real or an actual digital phone number is ever required for making VOIP calls over many apps ... like using free Skype to Skype on a cell phone just dial the Skype ID, and this will terminate into a full fledged VOIP voice call, also Fring to Fring and many such apps use this amazing number-less technology, am I right? Sounds interesting na: )

This is not all about the brief history of time, but about the evolution of telephone numbers.


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