Electric Car Can Make Gourmet Meals

Electric Car Can Make Gourmet Meals
For years, the benefits of electric cars have been touted by their manufacturers. While most of these benefits revolve around gas conservation and “green” thinking, Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi has added another feature to the list; the ability to make meals.

Before you get visions of a futuristic half-car, half-robot chef, know that Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV electric cars won’t actually do the work for you. Through the use of its high-capacity battery and the newly developed AC Power Supply EZ adaptor, consumers will be able to use the i-MiEV to power home appliances. The powerful battery can run microwaves, rice cookers, and other kitchen appliances for 24 to 36 hours on a single charge. That’s more than enough time to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cooking a meal in your car may not sound practical, but in Japan, it could become a necessity. After the recent tsunami rendered several nuclear power plants inoperable in Japan, there are fears that electricity could become even scarcer as winter approaches. In the case of a possible blackout, the electricity stored in the i-MiEV’s battery could be a life-saver. In essence, the vehicle could be viewed as a massive portable power source.

If the technology takes off, that i-MiEV could see itself becoming the car of choice for anyone that travels to remote areas. With the ability to run a multitude of appliances and possibly even consumer electronics, campers could find themselves having a home-cooked meal while miles away from civilization. Hikers, campers, and survivalists could potentially live out of their car. The only limitation, naturally, is that the battery will need to be recharged at some point.

Mitsubishi sees the powerful battery of the i-MiEV as especially useful in emergency situations. For instance, during a harsh winter or tropical storm, power outages are fairly common. In these cases, the fully-charged i-MiEV battery could help serve as a temporary source of electricity to power small refrigerators in order to keep food cold. The car could also help power essential communication equipment such as laptops and cellular phones.

While the technology has many practical applications, the car is likely to have many consumers interested simply for bragging rights. Gadget nuts are likely to be interested simply because it’s the newest thing on the market. Being able to say that your car made you a gourmet meal is enough for some with money to burn to splurge on an i-MiEV. Let’s face it; being able to cook a romantic dinner for two without leaving the car is likely enough to impress any potential date. At the very least, it’ll get them interested.

Those wishing to cook from the car will have to wait a little longer, though. The AC Power Supply EZ adaptor that makes it all possible isn’t set to be released until later this year. Meanwhile, the i-MiEV itself won’t hit the United States until early 2012. Even if the electric car isn’t the wave of the future, at least it can cook a decent meal.
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