DropBox for Dummies: What is this?

Understanding DropBox

Just imagine! Saving some important documents on the laptop and suddenly a sip of coffee accidentally fall on the laptop! Oh! What a mess!! But hey there don’t worry…your data is totally secured.

Yes…DropBox for free is here at your service. DropBox is the free digital service that saves your important data, photos or videos. DropBox is a simple alternative that permits your data to be obtained from anyplace a bit like cloud computing. How interesting!!

After installing DropBox in your PC, it will automatically preserve all the data or files to all your computers, iPhone and iPad and even at your DropBox site too! With the help of this technology you can be able to carry all your data that is most important for you wherever you are on the globe. How Cool!!

DropBox also makes comfortable to share the photos and videos with your friends and family. DropBox is a useful technology for the different age group peoples.

Let us see the working of this DropBox technology

DropBox will act as a simple interface on your computer after installing and have made connection with the server. You just have to drag the files or folders and drop in the DropBox. It will instantly be synchronized within your account.

Also DropBox will take care of every little change that is made by you on your computer. These changes are automatically modified to all the computers which are associated with account. It’s interesting too!!

Whether you are not on any of your computers, DropBox will permit you to access any data from the PC at any place you are. DropBox also recalls all the changes that are made to the files as well as it will restore all the previous changes to that file.

An extraordinary option is that every single folder can be shared with the other peoples and they can also add, edit or delete the contents inside that shared folder. This file sharing system is very useful for the online projects which include music and other videos editing. Isn’t that perfect?

Will quickly have a review over the features of DropBox:

• It always has your material with you wherever you are.

• It contributes files to "Favorites" for fast offline viewing.

• It easily saves photos and videos to your DropBox.

• Share your photos and documents with your near and dear ones.

• Save email attachments directly to your DropBox.

DropBox is an easy, comfortable, authentic technological mode to have files, photos and videos sharing with your family and friends.

Get free DropBox app loaded on your iOS / Apple iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone,

Share your moments anytime, anywhere and enjoy!!

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