Could VOIP Telephony Save You Money?

As the internet matures as a medium, and broadband speeds begin to reach new heights, VoIP telephony services are an increasingly solid option for businesses which are looking to eliminate expenses and introduce increased productivity and amenities to the workplace.

The combination of bundled savings, and innovative new call and voice mail technology, makes VoIP the logical progression of telephony service for businesses of any size.

Combining Billing Statements and Bundling Services

Switching from a traditional land line telephone service provider to a VoIP service gives businesses the opportunity to eliminate one utility company from their monthly payments and instead combine services with just one company -- generally their internet service provider. That not only means the bills will be easier to pay, but it also means businesses will qualify for traditional "bundling" discounts that save customers money when they elect to have all of their data needs met by just one company.

Long Distance in the Distant Past

Traditional landline service has always been plagued by high fees for customers who frequently called long distance, but VoIP services don't impose such fees on their customers. Instead, VoIP companies traditionally pursue the same long distance calling model that mobile phone operators have been using for years: it's free and included in the monthly charge.

This is largely because an all-broadband service doesn't have to license copper wires all over the country. But, no matter the reason, it saves companies a significant amount of money each month -- especially for those businesses who frequently make nationwide phone calls.

Enhanced Features Included at No Additional Cost

Unlike landline phone service companies, which are inherently operating with technology that dates to the earliest days of the 20th century, VoIP providers are not constrained by their physical technologies and implementations. That means they can still offer things like caller ID and voice mail, but they can do it with a 21st century implementation that makes more sense to business.

This is where the internet plays a significant role. Business users no longer have to be in the office -- or even near their mobile phone -- in order to dial in and check voice mails left by other employees and clients. VoIP increases office productivity by putting voice mail on the internet at no additional fee, and some providers even have mobile phone applications for smart phones that can enable access to voice mail messages on the fly.

It's a service that business owner likely won't find on any traditional landline service provider -- and, if it is offered, it's like a premium service that will end up costing too much per month.

Final Thoughts

The simple fact is this: VoIP services are the future of telephony for all customers -- even businesses. The cost savings is significant when bundling with an internet service provider and being able to drop long distance service. And with the increased productivity that comes from always-online voice mails and collaboration, businesses are likely to discover the power of the telephone in helping them close sales and win clients.

The time to switch to VoIP has never been better, as competition drives down prices and internet speeds continue to inflate and serve the increasing demand for this innovative service.

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