Cloud Based Video Conference: Blue Jeans

Cloud Based Video Conference (Online Video Meeting): Blue Jeans

Tele-presence is the need of modern age (which is always short of time) communication generation and equally of the big or small Corporate Houses …

As the name suggests, video conferencing is a combination of two way video and audio technology that allows two or more locations to act via two way video and audio transmissions at the same time.

What is the cloud based video conferencing?

This generally means the use and approach of multiple server based computation resources via Internet. Cloud users may also access the server resources by using computer, smart phone or other devices. In cloud computing, applications are furnished and dealt by the cloud server and data is also stored in cloud configuration. All the processing and storage are observed by cloud servers. is a video conferencing network declared the commercial presence of its cloud based video conferencing service. Blue Jeans makes video conferencing approachable to everyone wherever you are, at any time and from any device.

Blue Jeans is a video conferencing service to span and support together many different end-points video conferencing software and the business solutions like from CISCO, POLYCOM, LIFESIZE, SKYPE, GOOGLE TALK etc. It is easy to host high quality video meetings linking as many as players with it. The video meetings are quite easy, practical and at a very low-priced.

How does Blue Jeans Network works?

Every customer of Blue Jeans gets a personal “meeting room” in the cloud in which they are going to be host their meetings through a comfortable web interface. The people who want to take part in the meeting have to simply dial a number or click on URL.

Blue Jeans network covers high quality video communications outside the conventional limits of differentiated conference rooms. It also permits the employees all around the world to address each other more easily in a very good manner.

Nothing to Download, Do it Online, in Real Time

For the Blue Jeans network there is no necessity to download any software or any new application. All you required is an Internet connection, a video enabled device and of course your friends or family members to meet with. Blue Jeans meetings are also for those who don’t have video access devices as they can participate from their smart phones. You can find interesting and new ways to communicate over the audio video meetings.


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