Browser-Based VoIP: Java Solution for Free Video Chat

Free VOIP Video Calls Directly from the Web Browser: Java Solution for Free Video Chat No Software is Needed

The hassle free video calling web browser application!! Sounds amazing!!

A German company C2Call, a ground breaker for java based application (no Flash is required) has introduced a nature friendly application for video calling via Friendcaller web phone.

The company is said to be the first to use the application which is totally based with current operating system, Java virtual machine.

It offers a free web calls to any person, any location without downloading any software or register. C2Call is the first company who uses Java to its reward to bring out browser-based video calling.

C2Call's Friendcaller is the first, the ultimate and only Web Phone solution that permits any user to make a free call by just getting across a link sent via email, IM, social networks, blog or website.

Till the date Friendcaller was the only VOIP service using java for browser call potentialities.

The company had made a declaration which concurs with the Facebook announcement and they are adding Skype as their partner for video calling.

The features of Friendcaller video calling applications are:

1. It supports a particular VoIP calling feel for users of the browser based web phone.

2. You can chat with your Friendcaller contacts through them.

3. You can also make a free browser based online video calls to your friends who are not yet registered on Friendcaller. This you can do without installing any software or any kind of plug-in.

4. They provide with an ultimate option of CallMe link technology which associates you with your friends via Pc-to-Pc calls which are free. Amazing!! And even when they haven’t yet registered on Friendcaller, really cool!!

5. The Friendcaller URL can be send to anyone even if they are not the users of Friendcaller.

The friendcaller app can be used over Facebook, Apple iFamily (iPhone, iPod Touch), Android, Web or Nokia etc.,

Be comfortable with VOIP Jave based calls without any problems!!


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