Are You Getting The Most from Your Online Marketing?

Is Your Online Marketing Campaign Working?
Online marketing allows you to reach a large base of targeted consumers without having to spend a lot of money. Even a fairly simple online marketing campaign can achieve incredible results compared to a less targeted print campaign, but have you ever considered how much better your results could be if you used conversion rate optimisation techniques and the help of a specialist SEO agency?
The process of conversion rate optimisation is quite an involved one. The SEO agency you hire will examine your marketing strategy from beginning to end, and help you to figure out where improvements are possible.
A conversion rate optimisation road map
The SEO agency ( will look at the following things:
  1. Your key words - are you using the right terms to promote your product? If you use a phrase that's too general, you might find that the people searching for it don't actually want your product. If you use a phrase that's more specific - but highly competitive, you might end up paying far too much for the advertisement.
  2. Your sales page - what do people see when they visit your site? Are you losing people in the first few seconds, or later in the process? How can you make people stick around longer?
  3. Your calls to action - are you getting people to engage with your site? If so, what sort of response are you getting, and how can you improve that response?
  4. Your purchase funnel - when someone does buy, is the process smooth enough, or are you losing people through having a slow / buggy / poorly designed payment system?
More advanced conversion rate optimization ( services will run multiple campaigns for you, with different key-words, different advertising slogans, and different sales pages. Sometimes, the SEO agency will notice that minor changes make a huge difference to the conversion rate.
Get expert help
You could attempt conversion rate optimisation on your own, however it is a time consuming process, and one that requires a lot of knowledge of marketing, design, and search engines. If you do not have the knowledge and the tools required to do a good job, then you'll probably find that it's far more cost effective to let an expert do it for you. This will free you up to focus on the things that your company does best, rather than struggling with something that could backfire if you make the wrong choices.
An SEO agency can often help you with a lot more than just optimizing your conversion rate. If you want to get more organic traffic from search engines, or you want to improve your link building strategy, then that's something that an SEO company can help you with. Investing in SEO is not something that will show overnight results, but it will help you in the long term, and if you maintain the campaign over time the results will build on each other, getting better as your site ages, just like a good wine.
This is a Guest Post for Talkfree7 Tech Blog,
This post was written By James Harper on behalf of Boom Online Marketing. James is an SEO professional helping companies to maximise their online investment.

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I think the dawn of mobile marketing is upon us. That being said there is still a draw in online marketing and being found by your customers and potential customers. Quite simply traffic needs to be generated and leads created. It really is that simple. It's exactly what you've touched upon. It is all about conversion!

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