Are You Being Beaten By Online Rivals?

When it comes to succeeding online, you got to learn how to rank your website or blog as high as you can in popular search engines like Google and Bing. The higher you can get your site to rank, the more organic traffic you will receive to it. Organic traffic is the traffic generated by people using search engines to find information online. This type of traffic is greatly sought after by online marketers because it is very targeted. Targeted traffic is much more likely to take the desired actions you want them to when they visit your site.

Search Engine Optimization: The Key To Organic Traffic Generation
Search engine optimization, also known as "SEO," is the process of modifying your website or blog to include certain features that will help it rank higher in the search engines for specific keyword phrases. So if you had a blog about "natural dog food" and wanted it to come up early in the search engine results whenever someone searched for the term "natural dog food," you would optimize your blog for that individual keyword phrase. If you are being beaten by your online rivals, it is probably because they are doing a better job at search engine optimization and are outranking you in one or more keyword phrases that are being looked up by prospects.
Search Engine Optimization Tips To Help You Rank Higher
1. Include keyword-rich content. If you want your blog to rank higher for the keyword phrase "natural dog food," it makes sense to use that phrase a few times in your content. Be sure not to overdo it or your site can be seen as using "keyword stuffing" techniques and can be negatively affected in terms of SEO.

2. Use keywords in your page titles. The search engine robots look at the title field when trying to determine what a page is mostly dealing with. By including your keyword phrase in the title field, you are letting the search engines know that the content should be focused around the keyword phrase you are targeting. This will help improve the search engine optimization of the site or blog you are promoting.

3. Increase your backlinks. "Backlinks" are one way links going to a page on your site or blog. The more backlinks that a site has, the better it will rank in the search engines. For example, let's say that your online rival also has a blog about "natural dog food." The content on both blogs is similar in terms of keyword phrase density and content amount. The only difference is that his blog has 100 backlinks going to it and yours has 10,000 backlinks going to it. Which will rank higher? The one with more backlinks.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all backlinks are created the same. Backlinks from established websites that contain relevant information carry more weight than backlinks from newer sites that are about a different niche. Always try to establish backlinks that are higher quality and longer-lasting.

In order to beat your online rivals, you need to understand what search engine optimization is and know how to use that information in order to outrank your competition. Including keyword-rich content, placing targeted keyword phrases in the title field of your pages, and creating quality backlinks will help you generate more organic traffic then other online marketers.
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Keith Barrett is an experienced search engine optimization ( analyst and has been involved with the industry for more than a decade.

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