5 Smartphones That Make The Grade

Smart Phones are becoming apart of our everyday life, which means it’s a good idea to stay updated as to which are the best. Here our a list of five smart phones that meet our requirements, for several reasons.
* Apple iPhone 4 - Apple's update to the tech-savvy iPhone, the iPhone 4 is a new favorite among businessmen and women. It's a fully functioning mini-PC. Users can take advantage of its quick firing media capabilities as well as its crystal clear phone. The voice command feature is smart enough to decipher even the oddest accent and there are apps for almost everything - even a guitar tuner. The iPhone appears to be the leading phone in this industry, and is by far the most unique.
* Motorola Droid X - Take your HD video with you on the Droid's impressive 4.3" screen - it's a pocket sized theater at your fingertips. Android lovers will appreciate the phone's easy interface and shutterbugs are always pleased with its built in 8 megapixel camera. Oh, it works flawlessly as a phone, too!
* RIM - Blackberry Curve 3G - Internet junkies love the long lasting battery life of Blackberry's new Curve. Music and other media capabilities make the Blackberry more like a tiny entertainer than a phone. 3G Network support and a built in GPS have helped boost this phone into the mainstream as a favorite of travelers.
*Samsung Nexus S 4G - Another Android enthusiast's dream complete with a front and rear facing camera. Read your e-books or update your spreadsheets on the go with it's large 4" touchscreen. Speaking of the screen - this phone goes above and beyond utilizing Samsung's exclusive AMOLED technology which allows for gentle face hugging curvature of the screen for a more natural feel. This phone is a true extension of you.
* HTC 7 Pro - Though a bit smaller than most other popular smartphones, the HTC 7 has a well proportioned 3.6" touchscreen with rich color and unrivaled depth. Make sure to take advantage of Window's Live SkyDive's 25 gigs of online storage available with this phone. You'll need a place to store the pictures taken from its 5 megapixel phone. This phone's release made gamers everywhere cry tears of joy with Xbox LIVE and superior sound built right in.
As you can see there is a large selection of smart phones that our worthy of purchasing. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to look into features, to find out the phone that is perfect for you.
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