5 Most Valuable Safety Features in New Cars

What are the 5 Most Valuable Safety Features in New Cars?

Cars have come a long way from the first prototypes of the late 19th and early 20th century. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, road travel has become safer and more convenient than ever. Here are some of the most important features of modern cars that help to keep drivers and passengers safe.

1. Tire-Pressure Monitoring

Many drivers are now realizing the importance of maintaining tires and keeping them in the best shape. While it is common sense to replace tires when the tread is low, a lot of people don’t take the time to regularly check the tire pressure and keep them to the recommended number. Many new car models now have monitoring built into the car, with a censor by the wheel that alerts drivers when to fill their tires with air again. This takes out the guessing of when to fill them up and ensures that it is safe to drive at all times.

2. Rearview Camera

While at first, a rearview camera may sound like an added luxury, there are actually a number of occasions where this feature can be very useful. Not only do these cameras protect the car from backing into objects or other cars, it can also help a driver avoid children or animals. The technology places a small camera in the back of the car and a screen at the dash that allows drivers to see everything going on behind them.

3. Blind-Spot Detection

More cars are now incorporating new technology that allows drivers to know what is going on each side of them. Many accidents occur due to the driver being unaware of somebody to the side of the car and as a result, they get into an accident. Having this blind-spot/side assist detection feature added to a car will help alert the driver of objects of cars in their blind spots. This will prevent accidents from happening by using an alarm, vibrating the seat, or flashing a small light in the mirror.

4. Adaptive Cruise Control

Cars have had cruise control as a standard feature for years, but now technology has advanced where an adjustable one is available. This means that the driver can set the speed and still be able to stop and keep distances from cars in front of them. Before, a driver may be at risk when a car suddenly brakes in front of them. Now, an individual that has set cruise control will be safe since the car will sense the upcoming car and slow down or even brake hard to avoid a collision.

5. Dual-Stage Airbags

Until recently, cars have incorporated airbags that are considered ‘one size fits all’. While this may seem okay at first, the problem is that not every passenger is the same weight and height. Technology can now sense the size of the occupant and the seatbelt usage, allowing the appropriate airbag to pop out in an accident.
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