3 Reasons I Wouldn't Follow You Back on Twitter

I decide who to follow on Twitter based on a number of factors. I take recommendations from those in my network who are interested in similar things to me. In addition, I follow people I work with (clients and colleagues alike), I follow friends, I often follow people whose blogs I just happen across when I’m reading around online and I do follow back some people who engage with me or follow me on Twitter.

However, as a rule, I don’t auto follow back. I routinely login and have a look at my most recent followers before deciding which to follow back. Here are 3 reasons I would not follow back.

Default Twitter Image

It’s not just because the Twitter default profile picture is as dull as they come that I would overlook users who still use it. For me, customising your profile is the first thing you do when you sign up to a social media platform if you are genuinely interested in interacting with other people. Even if you don’t want to use your own photo, having some level of customisation (even a smiley face!) is a good indicator that you’re not just a spam bot that only just signed up to try and get me to click on some dodgy links to a brand spanking new pharmaceuticals website.

Me, me, me, me, me…

If, when I look at your most recent Tweets, all I can see is a long list of self promotion Tweets then I won’t follow back. Yes, we all plug out own recent blog posts and similar on Twitter. But if that’s all you are there to do, then (in my opinion) you are not there to interact with others and you’re missing much of the point.

You Haven’t Posted in Months

If you’re not going to bother Tweeting all that often, why even bother following people? I like to follow people who are reasonably active on Twitter. No, I’m not suggesting that you should be sharing your every move, every meal and every thought with your Twitter following, but at least post something every few days. In much the same way I wouldn’t sit in a bar with someone who refused to speak for the entire duration, I don’t follow silent Twitter users.
Some degree of profile customisation, evidence that you like to interact and some evidence that you actually use the platform are pretty basic criteria for me when I’m deciding whose Tweets I’d like to keep up with.

What about you? What makes you follow back or not follow back?

This is a Guest Post and was contributed by Stacey Cavanagh. Stacey is a compulsive blogger who works as Digital Marketing Manager for UK SEO (http://www.tecmark.co.uk/) agency, Tecmark.

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