Evolution of Phone Numbers

How the Phone Numbers are Structured?

Since the very invention of the Phone by Alexander Graham Bell, all of the human beings over the globe are connected with each other by the phones.

Currently there is a boom of Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry, Windows-Nokia etc. phones. They are more convenient and comfortable in use for the generation X. The mobile applications seem to become the part of life in the current scenario. Isn’t really true?

Yes…but can you imagine your life without mobile phones? No, never…

Today’s generation is very fast. They send text messages and do calls in a very speedy manner, but think a mobile phone with no keypad! Oh!!

Yes…the keypad, the numbers on that are of real values. In past when there were no phones or no quick means of communication, think how would be the life of people? It can’t be imagined!!

Yes phone numbers, generally the starting from 0 to 9 are of great values. We cannot make a single call without the numbers.

What does the phone number means?

Yes… these are the sequence of digits which are used for the calling purpose from one telephone to other. Previously, telephone numbers were of one, two or three digits and were given orally by the telephone operator. How exciting!! But as the phone systems are getting more and more expanded the phone numbers are also grown to a bigger numbers.

Thanks to the Scottish inventor Alexander Graham Bell first developed the telephone to communicate with his colleague sitting the door next to him {the famous and historic first words are: Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you}. From that time, the telephonic devices came into existence to have much ease in communication.

Telephone users then roll on the world with huge numbers. Now there was a big need of some specific phone numbers. Thus, the concepts of phone numbers take birth here.

Previously there were 7-digit phone numbers which were quite hard for the users to remember. So, the first three digits were replaced with the letters. It became easy for the users to remember and later on to use.

The previous numbers were: LLL-NNNN format where L stands for name and N stands for the number.

Later on there was a great revolution in the phone numbers. Now the numbers are more flexible and there are 10-digit mobile numbers in the current scenario.

Telephone numbers let us stay connected to the real world; … a bridge between the virtual and the real world; between the machine and the humans!!!


Now one can actually talk on a free Facetime video / voice call over a phone which never is a phone: Apple's iPod Touch, Facetime calling over iPod Touch 4th Generation works over registered Apple email Ids.

In fact, no real or an actual digital phone number is ever required for making VOIP calls over many apps ... like using free Skype to Skype on a cell phone just dial the Skype ID, and this will terminate into a full fledged VOIP voice call, also Fring to Fring and many such apps use this amazing number-less technology, am I right? Sounds interesting na: )

This is not all about the brief history of time, but about the evolution of telephone numbers.


Today’s Most Popular Gadgets

In a world where most people receive all of their entertainment and information from technology, it’s no wonder that everyone needs to get their hands on the hottest gadgets and gizmos available. From brand new smart phones that contain 3-D technology to Apple iPads, iPods and digital cameras, there is something that is sure to please everyone on the market.

Today’s technology is more affordable than ever, which means regular people can afford top-notch tech toys. If you want to get your hands on the latest technology but don’t know where to start looking, read on to find a list of two of the most popular items on the market as well as ways to protect them once you have purchased them.

Since 2007, the iPhone has been the most coveted of all the smart phone brands. This multimedia-enabled hand-held computer from Apple first hit store shelves in June, 2007, and has been a huge success ever since. The iPhone can function as a camera, Internet browser, video camera, media player, and can receive phone calls, texts and has both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. The iPhone also allows users to download multiple “applications”, which are popularly known as "Apps" These applications allow the user to play games, manage their calendar, and view maps all from their phone. Some applications are free and some people must pay for.

Another revolutionary concept Apple came up with is called the iPad. The iPad is a tablet computer that is used for primarily audio-visual media purposes, including books, movies, pictures, games, web browsing, and periodicals. The iPad runs on the same operating system as the iPod Touch and iPhone and can also run its own applications as well as applications made for the iPhone.

Apple iPhone, iPad Tablet Computer

Both the iPhone and iPad revolutionized the way people view technology. They made it possible for people to combine all of their electronics into one easy-to-use device. No longer did a person have to have a cell phone, a camera, an iPod and a date-book. Now they could easily combine their entire life into just one gadget.

Smart Cell Phone Accessories

There are many cell phone accessories (http://www.lowerpriceusa.com/cell-phone-accessory.html) that are perfect for the iPhone and iPad. These accessories will not only protect your tech devices from the elements, they will also personalize them and help you stand out from the crowd.

One great accessory that you can purchase for your iPhone is an iPhone skin. These snazzy cases fit snugly onto your iPhone and keep them secure. You can purchase a cell phone skin in a large amount of colors and designs, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one for your phone.

Another great accessory for your iPhone is a cell phone case (http://www.lowerpriceusa.com/cell-phone-accessory.html). Cell phone cases are usually little protective bags or pockets that you can easily slip your phone into. Some can be attached to your belt for easy and quick access.

Today’s latest technologies have made it easy for people to stay in touch with one another, simplify their lives and access information and it is now available for everyone.

Skype For Business- The Visual Element Really Matters

How Skype can be used for Business Purposes

Skype has become one of the world’s most popular systems. It’s easy, it’s simple and you can use it to call anywhere in the world. The great asset for Skype is the visual element, which enhances the call experience and can be used to help build business relationships. This is an element which has been progressively building itself into business mobile phones (http://www.businessmobilebroker.com.au/) as well, and the reasons for this sudden interest in “visible business calls” are really quite fascinating.

The Psychology of Skype

Skype is actually a much more efficient business tool than most people realize. Interestingly, the psychological factors of doing video calls are core issues in business. Nowhere is this more apparent than in sales and client relationship management, which are primary person to person interactions.

The basis for the “Skype effect” is social psychology. Human beings are hardwired to react to facial expressions and body language. They’re also more likely to be extremely conscious of their own presentation values when speaking to a visible person. In sales and client relationships, these are critical issues.

It’s another fact of social psychology that most people try to convey positive signals to others- when those people are visible. A nasty email or loudmouthed phone calls are based on the theoretical invisibility of those mediums. When visible, it’s a whole new ball game.

The fact is that communications through non-visual media are to some extent very limited. Not being able to read all the signals from the other party also often leads to misleading interpretations of communications. It’s easy enough to misinterpret a tone of voice when you don’t know the other person and can’t see their face.

The Business Angle

Those are not exactly business assets when dealing with clients. Most of the world’s best sales people are experts at interpreting the signals of others. If they have visual media, they can assess the situation very accurately. Without the visual element, they may miss a signal or miss a cue to provide useful information.

For client relationship purposes, Skype has other uses. The “relationship” element is built on interactions. Again, the visual cues, signals and interpretations are critical in establishing a working communication base with other people. In this case, however, the relationship issues can be extremely complex and this is a primary issue for visual communications.

An annoyed client, a complaining customer, or an infuriated contractor can react very negatively to a spoken word. They can respond to an email with a torrent of well-thought-out hostility. The visual component, however, overrides these factors to some extent, because the social psychology is so strong a part of human mentality.

Client relations experts, like sales professionals, base their work very much on a best practice range of interpersonal skills. They can use those skills fully with a visual medium. The annoyed client reacts to getting personal attention on a person to person basis. The complaining customer will listen to a visible person. The infuriated contractor, having established personal contact with a responsible person, stops sending emails and gets down to cases and solutions.

Skype is a lot more than a toy. It’s the future of communications. Check out your options for using Skype and see the difference it makes.

This is a Guest Post.

Author Bio:

Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics including business mobile phones (http://www.businessmobilebroker.com.au/).

Internet Safety: How Your Children Behave Online

Internet Safety: How Your Children Behave Online?
A large part of online safety falls on you own head. How you behave and how you encourage your child to behave has a direct impact on how safe you and they can be. The key problem with the internet is that of anonymity. Anonymity of course means that there are no moral guidelines except our own when we interact online. This anonymity often leads individuals to behave in ways that they would not behave when offline. It also, of course, means that people can easily hide their identity for nefarious purposes including online grooming, crime and simply to vent their frustrations. With this in mind teaching your children appropriate online behaviour is essential to ensuring their safety and also preventing them from becoming victim or villain in online interactions.
Firstly you need to teach your children discretion when using internet forums, message boards and other online communications or public domains. They need to know that they should not share information or images that they would not want everyone being able to see. Explain that information added online is public information and that everyone and anyone has access to it. Encourage your children to think carefully before making any posts online to ensure they do not unthinkingly share information.
Secondly you need to teach your children to be anonymous themselves. Whilst, as we have cautioned, anonymity can encourage negative behavior it also provides safety. This of course needs to include not sharing personal information online but also should extend to creating a pseudonym online to further protect your identity as it is very easy to track people or put together an idea of where they are from and live. This should extend to user names and other login information where a pseudonym makes it less likely for you to be tracked using your login details and makes the risks of fraud and identity theft much lessened.
Thirdly you need your children to be distant when dealing with individuals who they meet online. If they want to meet in person meet publically and accompanied so that you can ensure their safety. Giving away personal details online, even to someone you have learnt to consider a friend, is still a risky endeavour so exercising caution.
Fourthly we would highly recommend you encourage honesty and being nice online. This applies to all internet users but remaining polite, friendly and honest will discourage ill feelings towards yourself and prevent you becoming the target of crime or bullying. When it comes to honesty you may be tempted to pretend to be someone you are not – either through fantasy or just a desire to project an image of yourself. In an online game or fantasy realm this is acceptable but you need to be aware that other users may be doing the same. So if you behave this way make sure you are aware other people may be doing the same. Encouraging your children to be friendly online prevents them from being the victim of online bullying but also should discourage them from becoming a bully themselves. Teach your children to dislocate themselves from the online world and that if they encounter rudeness or cyber bullying to leave the computer, not react and to report them to the appropriate administrators or moderators of the site.
Finally teach your children to be clean in all their internet activity. This includes not downloading material from users they don’t know, not opening messages that they do not know the recipient of and avoiding sites that may contain inappropriate and harmful content. Teaching your child the perils of these sites and downloading unsolicited content is essential to their safety and should be an integral part of their behaviour.
This is a Guest Post:
Jane writes about internet safety for children and their parents in order to help raise awareness about the potential dangers of the digital world. For more information on this topic, please visit the Vodafone Parents Guide

Packet 8 VS Axvoice - Which One is the Right Choice For You

Packet 8 VS Axvoice

Internet phone service has been a blessing in disguise, as earlier people did not recognize its true abilities. We all believe that there are many good VoIP providers out there to choose from but it is easier said than done because of so many mistrusts and backfires. Axvoice and Packet 8 will be compared to let you have an idea, which one is best for you. I will review both the services against the earlier experiences I had with the different VoIP providers.

Reliability factor

I value reliability of an internet phone service (http://techie-buzz.com/internet-tools/how-internet-phone-is-advantageous-for-telephone-users.html) above all other factors because if I cannot rely on my phone service what will I do in case of emergencies. Often people tend to confuse reliability with call quality. However, reliability has nothing to do with the quality of calls that you have to make. I have used Packet 8 and Axvoice for several months now and haven’t had any issues in terms of reliability. Every time I wanted to make a call, the dial tone was clear and I was able to connect myself anywhere I had liked to within no time.

Voice quality

After reliability what comes as an important factor in considering a phone service for home is the voice quality. I used Packet 8 and Axvoice for making local and international calls. Local calls went smooth with both Axvoice as well as Packet 8. However, the real difference that I experienced was in international phone calls. Axvoice offered a smooth calling experience and there wasn’t any drop in the call quality. However, Packet 8 wasn’t able to offer a very smooth calling experience for international calls, especially when the international calls were of longer duration.

Phone installation

Many people feel that all VoIP providers offer a simple to understand phone and anyone can install it. However, this notion is far from reality. Many VoIP services are not that friendly to install and people do have trouble running their phones. As far as Axvoice and Packet 8 go, I had a different experience installing both of them. Axvoice was installed within no time and there weren’t any special arrangements to make or assistance needed. Packet 8 on the other hand, didn’t go that straight. In fact, I had to get guidance from their customer support department numerous times before getting my Packet 8 phone service ready. Honestly speaking, it was an uphill ride.

Service features offered

Service features do matter a lot. More service features mean more value for your money and fewer features mean the utility that you will be able to derive out of your phone service is very limited. Comparing Axvoice and Packet 8 in this regard was really an abysmal experience. Axvoice offers more than two dozen features to its customers while Packet 8 offers very limited number of features. In terms of features Axvoiceis far ahead of Packet 8.

Phone bills

A major worry for all phone users is to reduce their monthly phone bill. When we talk about the phone bills with Axvoice and ViaTalk, the difference isn’t significant in local calls. But as far as the international call rates go, Axvoice is way below Packet 8. I happen to make a lot of phone calls abroad and for me Axvoice is a far better choice than Packet 8.

Packet 8 and Axvoice both are competitive VoIP services but when we look closer, Axvoice is better in many regards. First off, Axvoice is a lot more cost effective to use, it is easy to install and lastly, it offers greater value for money you invest in it through the service features that it offers.


This is a Guest Post and all of the thoughts or anything / experience is purely relating personal to the author of the article. Talkfree7 VOIP blog has no responsibility and is not, in any way, related or liable for any views/ things expressed here-in.

How to Block Unwanted Phone Calls on Google Voice?

How to Filter Unwanted Phone Calls & Callers on Google Voice?

Everyone gets irritated with the unwanted calls coming on their smart phones. But do not find any solution to overcome the problem. It gets a lot of frustration.

The unwanted calls just ruin down the communications. It is very hard on the mobile devices to avoid the unwanted calls as we don’t know which call we want to avoid.

Here is a solution for the problem. Yes...Google Voice wants for you to filter the unwanted calls. Later the call will go to your junk mail box where they get marked as “unwanted”.

Let us see the process how Google do the calls filter?

Google consists of a database of various spam / junk phone numbers that are already fed by the users. When there is a single call made from the spam numbers it directly falls into Google voice line, where it is considered as a junk call.

The database is invariably increasing because of the daily input from several users. If by mistake any of your number is been tagged as a spam, it can be easily detected and been corrected.

You don’t have any problem regarding the unwanted calls, Google’s free telephony the Google voice is there at your service.

Think Positive and Live Happy; Simplest Key to Experience the Lifelong Happiness

My aspiration here is to elaborate that how you can change your life by positive thinking? Are you overwhelmed with any of these problems? Financial, Relationship, Health, lack of Self esteem and motivation, constant worry and struggling with career. You can get rid of all these by positive attitude that can assist you transform any area of your life.
Happiness is a psychological condition of comfort, free from undue pressure, problems and tensions featured by positive emotions. Feel well, live well, eat well and most importantly think well and positive, contemplate the art of Happy Living.
What do you think about positive thinking?
Positive thinking is a course of action by which we generate thoughts and opinion considered optimistic. When we focus on these positive thoughts they enable us to manifest our desires, and bestowed us with energy to succeed. Positive thoughts build us endeavor to live positive lives, it’s quite simple, isn’t it?
Yes, it’s not as simple as it appears to be, it is not an easy task to be positive in this miserable world with so many negatives in our way. It’s all depends on how you deals with these negatives which make you positive against them. May these few tips will benefit to attain the positive attitude.
Presume that everything is accurate at a deeper level- imagine that deep behind everything is all true and you will be all right. There is a motive for happening it, anyhow.
Live in the present- Don’t think your past focus on present you can get better in your life.
Take liability in spite of blame-
Always be Optimistic-
Make your mind up to have courage-
Never allow negative sensation to overwhelm-
Select an ambition that you would like to hunt-
Always be happy, what so ever you have-
Belief in yourself and faith in God-
Maintain the big frame of mind (Broad mindedness)-
The magnitude of positive thinking has grounded blistering debates over the years. The power of positive thinking can revolutionize and perk up your life, keep thinking positive and that approach will compel you to success and happiness in your life. If you will be capable to think positively then there will be no nervous tension and worry in your life.
Positive thinking is more than stare at the brighter side. It is a complete way of life of thinking rightly, that will leave you more satisfied, happy and contented than ever before.
Get it now!
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Bookitnow.com is a prime travel blog, offers enchanted journeys with its diverse range of cheap holiday deals (http://www.bookitnow.com/) and packages.

DropBox for Dummies: What is this?

Understanding DropBox

Just imagine! Saving some important documents on the laptop and suddenly a sip of coffee accidentally fall on the laptop! Oh! What a mess!! But hey there don’t worry…your data is totally secured.

Yes…DropBox for free is here at your service. DropBox is the free digital service that saves your important data, photos or videos. DropBox is a simple alternative that permits your data to be obtained from anyplace a bit like cloud computing. How interesting!!

After installing DropBox in your PC, it will automatically preserve all the data or files to all your computers, iPhone and iPad and even at your DropBox site too! With the help of this technology you can be able to carry all your data that is most important for you wherever you are on the globe. How Cool!!

DropBox also makes comfortable to share the photos and videos with your friends and family. DropBox is a useful technology for the different age group peoples.

Let us see the working of this DropBox technology

DropBox will act as a simple interface on your computer after installing and have made connection with the server. You just have to drag the files or folders and drop in the DropBox. It will instantly be synchronized within your account.

Also DropBox will take care of every little change that is made by you on your computer. These changes are automatically modified to all the computers which are associated with account. It’s interesting too!!

Whether you are not on any of your computers, DropBox will permit you to access any data from the PC at any place you are. DropBox also recalls all the changes that are made to the files as well as it will restore all the previous changes to that file.

An extraordinary option is that every single folder can be shared with the other peoples and they can also add, edit or delete the contents inside that shared folder. This file sharing system is very useful for the online projects which include music and other videos editing. Isn’t that perfect?

Will quickly have a review over the features of DropBox:

• It always has your material with you wherever you are.

• It contributes files to "Favorites" for fast offline viewing.

• It easily saves photos and videos to your DropBox.

• Share your photos and documents with your near and dear ones.

• Save email attachments directly to your DropBox.

DropBox is an easy, comfortable, authentic technological mode to have files, photos and videos sharing with your family and friends.

Get free DropBox app loaded on your iOS / Apple iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone,

Share your moments anytime, anywhere and enjoy!!

Three Steps to Improving Your Mobile Website’s Usability

Although mobile web is here to stay, slow loading times may cause your visitors to navigate away from your website. In this day and age, it’s normal for people to have incredibly hectic schedules. This is why gadgets like smart phones have become indispensable. With most phones becoming readily capable of surfing the web, individuals can start booking dental appointments while having lunch at a nice restaurant.

But in order for a certain mobile website to capture the attention of a visitor and accomplish its goal of converting that individual, the usability factor of these websites needs to be considered. Although themes and templates improve the aesthetics of a website, it’s also necessary that visitors are able to access these websites efficiently.

Step 1: Know Your Users

This may be a readily overlooked step but it’s crucial when you are at the initial stages of making a mobile website. Who are your users? What are the features that they want included in your mobile website and those which, for them, aren’t too necessary? Finding the answers to these questions can be done by conducting simple surveys. For instance, if you’re designing a dental website, ask your patients to fill out a survey.

Step 2: Accessibility

This is where the fruits of step 1 will be most useful. When you are designing a mobile website, your visitors should be able to navigate through the pages almost instinctively. When you are accessing a website through a personal computer, you do not really mind having to click through six pages before you landing on that specific page which you wanted in the very first place. But the same experience if transposed in the mobile phone setting can be extremely annoying.

How do you make your mobile website more accessible to visitors? Focus. With the help of the information you gathered in step 1, pick out the features which your visitors will appreciate the most and do away with the rest. So if you’re launching a mobile dental website and your patients access your site mainly to book appointments, then make that the focal point of your website.

Step 3: Keep It Simple

Having a professionally designed website is different from having a cluttered one. You do not need a dozen pictures to send a strong message to your visitors. And in the case of mobile websites, a dozen pictures will only send your visitors away. Some tips for keeping everything simple include keeping the navigation bar as short as possible and eliminating excessive hyperlinks.

This is a Guest writing:
Your author Elliot Pearson is a writig specialist for Dentist Identity who supplies Dental Office Marketing (http://dentistidentity.com/) and Dental Office SEO (http://dentistidentity.com/) Services to top Dentists all across America.

Askozia Bundles Humbug Fraud Prevention, Detection & Analytics into VoIP Offering

Ramat Hasharon, Israel – July 27, 2011 - Humbug Telecom Labs provider of carrier-class fraud prevention, detection and telecom analytics for any size business, today announced that Askozia® will bundle the Humbug fraud detection, prevention and analytics tools into their Asterisk-based PBX solution.

The Askozia PBX is a fully-featured telephone system that is able to connect with virtually any telephony technology and is configured via a highly intuitive Web GUI. Askozia PBX aims to make the power of Asterisk available to the average user in a slimmed down, embedded format. Askozia provides both software and appliance-based PBX's.

“Hacking of telephone systems is a very real problem that costs small businesses billions annually and it was critical for us to protect our customers,” said Benjamin-Nicola Lüken, head of operations for Askozia. “Askozia is one of the only PBX manufacturers to provide this capability and you’ll likely see others follow our lead in the future.”

Humbug Analytics and Fraud Prevention is natively available on the Askozia PBX as of version 2.1 which was released this month. This release allows Askozia users to receive in-depth traffic reports, secure their PBX, and gain traffic alerting capabilities.

Askozia is business-grade PBX used by small and medium sized organizations which normally do not have access to fraud prevention technology. Thanks to Humbug Labs and Askozia, these users will be able to easily benefit from this protection.

Askozia will be providing and promoting Humbug to its users as a security tool and as an advanced reporting interface. Humbug will be promoting Askozia as a Humbug-ready solution for organizations that seek an advanced and secure PBX system.

“Open source phone systems are particularly susceptible to voicemail hacking, hijacking and other forms of telecom fraud,” said Yaniv Rofé, CEO of Humbug Telecom Labs. “Small businesses tend to think that they are immune to such behavior, but telecom hacking has now become a common occurrence, particularly with smaller businesses that that hackers and phreakers can easily target.”

About Humbug Telecom Labs

Humbug Telecom Labs makes it affordable for any sized business to have carrier-class fraud prevention and detection, while providing powerful BI (business intelligence) that puts the users in command of their telecom activity. Humbug also offers free Visual Analytics so users can view all of their telecom traffic in real time, concise, readable Google Analytics type format. No PBX report even comes close. Customizable real time alerts can be configured by the user to track telecom traffic behavior and keep track of spending. Humbug is ideal for call centers, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), organizations that sell on the phone, or any business with significant telecom expenditures. Humbug easily integrates with a host of popular open source and proprietary PBX systems.

About Askozia

Askozia provides a highly intuitive telephone system for businesses. This is accomplished by combining our popular software AskoziaPBX with standard PC hardware or numerous embedded platforms. AskoziaPBX is incredibly easy to use, supports VoIP, ISDN, analog and GSM, is multilingual and costs less than a single VoIP phone.

All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


PR Contact:

Michael Becce

MRB Public Relations

732-758-1100 x104

Time Travel AR Apps: Convert iPad, iPhone, Android into Time Machine

Time Travel AR Apps: Convert iPad, iPhone, Android into Digital Time Machine

How will you react if your smart phone takes you in the (sweet MEMORIES of the) past? Shocked!!

But yeah…your iPad, iPhone and Android are now taking you back far in the past memories. How exciting!!!

One cannot forget the golden moments of their childhood. Also the moments spend with the family members are also unforgettable. But as you know time never stops for anyone but now you can travel the time through various levels.

Yes … few mobile phone applications have been surfaced with which you can have remembrance of your past golden moments.

HistoryPin: Pin Points the History

A free Android app has been launched to take you back in the past memories.

'What was There', links you to past historic Photos with Augmented Reality (AR)

Feel the History in the Augmented Reality (3D) Around you:

What Was There” a project that includes a website and which permits you to post your snaps with the date and destination and also you can browse all over what other peoples have posted. The project developers also recommended peoples to post their olden golden moments before they might lost them from their memory.

The most interesting part of What Was There is that it combines the past photographs with their current locations. It’s really going to be very exciting!!

When you hold your smart phone to a specific location, there you can overlap the applications historic photo and then you can experience the difference between the two snaps. Here you can see more of the past and more of the present. That’s really a cool experience!!

Time STOPS never, but TIME STOPS HERE!!!

The results seen are uneven as you have to match the exact location with your photograph but when it is matched you will experience the obsessing effect. Oh! How thrilling!!

Another part of this idea is “It Happened Here”. This iPhone and Android application lays description of the historic events on the map. The information regarding any historical monument is displayed with the picture. This is again a booming idea!!

Let us be the part of our past when we are in the future!!

Islamic Compass Free App - Prayer Times & Adhan Alarm

Islamic Compass Free App - Prayer Times & Adhan Alarm

Religious prayers have special importance and value in the all and in the Muslim religion. It is treated as the most esteemed part of the day to please the god. They start their day with the Adhan (Azaan), invoke the lord again with the prayer and after the sunset they praise the Lord with the same. Seeing this importance, Azan alarm clock has been brought into the practice by iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch App.

Masha Allah, this application is designed for the 5 Adhans of the day that are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha as well as can be used as day stand as well as nightstand. The Adhans are played automatically at the devoting times. It displays the worship time as per the map location.

Thus in whatever location you are, you can easy get to know the time of your Adhan and start with the prayers.

Free Islamic Compass App - Performs Holy Prayer Times / Adhan Alarm

While starting the invocation, next things which comes on priority is the direction in which one has to perform the prayer. It carries a great significance too. You can take a sigh of relief because Apps for Apple IPhone, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch has introduced an Islamic compass which detects the Qibla direction for the prayers.

Let’s see what features this application possesses:
 Arabic designed digital clocks
 Automatic playing of Azan with push notification
 Playing of Adhan even when application is closed
 Play azans at any time you want using the unique azan player screen
 Setting of alarms with your favorite iPod music
 Unlimited alarms with snooze options
 Adjustable foreground and background brightness by sliding the screen
 Option for manually adjusting prayer time.
 Worldwide prayer times calculation and azan alarms
 Doesn’t require a data connection for Islamic Compass
 Compass always points to Makkah from any position
 Plays adman on the time of prayer
 HIJRI calendar
 Manual prayer time adjustment

With all these features, it becomes easy for a travelling Islamic person to do the Adhans. Growing technology & science has developed in making a great difference in our day to day life. Then why not to use these technologies for the spiritual thing? This application includes all the essential tools for the prayer times. Your concern for the interaction with the highest power of the world, The Gods is tried to be simplified with this application.

This application of Adhan clock and compass is good news for all the Muslims and is beneficial for them in many different ways and especially during the Islamic Holy month of Ramadan.


How to Watch Internet Videos Anytime, Anywhere in Offline Mode

Free Real Video Down-loader: Single and 1-Click Video Download (How to)?

Can you imagine! That you are now able to watch, share, build your own videos library, watch your favorite internet video, YouTube video, Daily Motion etc. anytime, anywhere without buffering issues at all!

Yes… that's true! An application has innovated which helps us to watch our favorite Internet video wherever we are ant any time even if your Internet connection is offline.

Well, the application called innovated is "Real Down-loader" (hey it is not the Real’s fresh juices) which permits us to watch the Internet videos even if it is offline.

Real Down-loader is the application that downloads the videos in just one click. Oh that's real exciting!!

The Real Networks, the makers of Real Player has the application for online downloading. The Real Down-loader allows you to download your favorite video or song with just a single click. You can then save these videos or songs and watch them as when you want to watch, that too without no buffering. How cool!!

Amazing features inbuilt with this application are:

• The application can download videos from hundreds of websites like YouTube & Daily Motion and many others.

• It just simply builds a library of your favorite Internet videos.

• You can watch your videos whenever you want, wherever you are, even if you are offline.

• There are no more buffering issues encountered.

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Classic Sports Cars - The British Lotus Elite 1950's Type

During the 1950’s the British car company “Lotus” was known initially as the “Lotus Engineering Company”, then being reorganized as an auto maker in 1959 as the “Lotus Group of Companies”. During this pivotal period in this automobile manufacturer’s history what was produced, sold and marketed by the firm, with great worldwide merit, was what in the sports classic car field became known as the “Lotus Elite” 1950’s Type. This “1950’s Type Lotus Elite” was built between the years 1957 to 1963 in the British Isles.

Colin Chapman had established Lotus’s reputation on the race track by 1956, but the Elite Coupe conceived in 1956 and revealed in 1957, was his first true “road car”. Nearly 1,000 were produced between 1959, when full production began, and in 1963 when it ceased.

 Yet though the car was both attractive and very functional the car was never a money and profit maker for the firm. In particular the costs of making the bodies out of glass-fiber monocoque with steel tube reinforcements become ultimately very probative. This can be said is the one main and dominant reason that the Elan sports car had a steel chassis.

The Elite’s concept was of fiberglass monocoque – made in three major sections, floor, structural center section and one-piece outer skin- on to which all mechanical and suspension parts would be ultimately mounted. All in all this worked remarkably well, even if there were refinement problems in bolting the axle and engine units to the “shell”.

As well it should be emphasized when it came time to engine choice and acceleration habits of the vehicle , that such a light weight glass fiber body made the car both very light and extremely fast off the mark. The shape was sleek and with sleek air flow and light weight fuel economy could be counted on being very good overall.

Series II cars were produced in the 1960’s incorporated revised rear suspension and other “improvements” and late in the life span of the line “Coventry-Climax” engines of to 100 bhp were offered.
In the end when assessing the merits as well as deterrents of the 1950’s type Lotus Elite vehicles it can be said , stated and best summarized that perhaps the Elite’s biggest disadvantage was that the roof was stressed and an open convertible version was therefore not possible – indeed physically and structurally impossible. As well, and in addition ventilation was also substandard and inadequate because door shape and construction did not allow for functional opening side windows.

Yet in many classic sports cars collections as well as vintage auto museums the Lotus Elite 1950’s type is a highly desirable and desired piece in any respectable vintage & classic sports car automobile collections.

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Maxwell B. Labby

Chilliwack Auto Dealers = http://chilliwackautodealers.com/

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Home Electrical How To - Power Plugs & Cords

Routine Home Electrical Maintenance Power Cords & Plugs
You may have seen frayed electrical power cords and / or electric plug in with twisted ends with the homeowner or miscreant stamping their feet – which “it just does not work”. How on earth these people cannot see the issue in front of their eyes is downright amazing. Ditto why that frayed cord has not caused a devastating electrical fire to the home or property is another apparent mystery of mankind.
Many appliance “breakdowns” are really due to worn, frayed power cords or plugs that no longer make good, safe and proper electrical contact.
To ensure safe operation you should carefully check and inspect on a regular and ongoing basis all appliance cords for problems. Again to emphasize and drive home this is standard maintenance procedure and should be done on a periodic and regular ongoing basis, like clockwork.
If problems or detected or even suspected replace all frayed or broken cords at once immediately. If you have the knowledge, aptitude and tools and you suspect that the cord is faulty, remove it from the appliance itself and test it with a continuity tester. Clip the tester to one blade of the plug, and next touch the probe to one of the two wires – or if it’s a plug-in-cord, insert the probe into one of the two holes – at the appliance end of the cord. If the tester lights or “buzzes” move it to the other wire and test again.
Repeat this procedure to test the other blade of the plug. If the tester lights or buzzes at each test point, then the cord can be determined by the differential diagnostic steps that the cord itself is not faulty or at fault. On the other side of the coin if the continuity testing unit fails to either light or buzz at any point , then it can be solidly determined , again by the careful differential diagnostic steps employed that either or both the cord or the plug are ( or singly ) faulty.
You can pinpoint the defect by cutting off the plug and testing the cut end of the cord: if the tester lights or buzzes at all test points now, the plug is the defective part alone. The damaged component- cord or plug, or both should be replaced forthwith.
Fire departments are not only employed in actively fighting fires. A major role and responsibility of fire departments is in “fire prevention “and preventative steps.
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Kerwin B. Santos
Furnasman One Hour Furnace (http://furnasmanonehourfurnace.ca)

Six Diabetes Tracking Mobile Apps

Diabetes Tracking Mobile Apps
With cell phones increasing in popularity and technology, which one should a diabetic choose to keep track of blood sugar numbers? That is a hard choice to make and especially difficult to make the right decision if you don’t know what you want your diabetes tracking apps to do.
What Exactly is Diabetes?
Assuming you are looking for an app on behalf of a loved one with diabetes, it might help to have some background on the disease. Many people walk around with diabetes without even knowing it. That's because early symptoms seem harmless.
Frequent or excessive thirst, frequent urination, intense hunger, weight gain or loss, increased fatigue, irritability, blurred vision, more yeast or skin infections, itchy skin, bruises, gum disease, sexual dysfunction or numbness and tingling in the hands and feet can all be written off as mild problems on their own. Only when those symptoms intensify do many patients seek help for diabetes. Yet, the earlier diabetes can be diagnosed, the greater the chance of avoiding serious complications from the disease.
Looking for a Diabetes App
As far as choosing diabetes tracking mobile apps go, simplicity is vital. After all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Those developing diabetes later in life need apps that are simple, intuitive and technologically unintimidating. Among the apps on the market, these fit those specifications best.
1. Glucose Buddy – This cell phone app is a longtime leader of the industry. It provides tracking as well as syncing to a website.
2. If parents have children with diabetes, they may want to consider getting the tool called “Carb Counting with Lenny”. This meter from Medtronic Diabetes is a great tool to have for educating children about diabetes and how to manage it with a smart diet (http://www.alliedhealthworld.com/dietitian.html).
3. Blood Sugar Diabetes Control – This diabetes tracking mobile app is a simple to understand tracking tool complete with charts. This app not only tracks your blood sugar but medicine, food and exercise, too.
4. Vree for Diabetes – Merck & Company published this app in order to provide common tracking points for glucose, nutrition and exercise activity. This app also keeps track of other items such as medical history, blood pressure and weight.
5. Glucose Tracker – This mobile app is capable of glucose tracking as well as functioning as a charting tool. It will also track your medications, which, if you are anything like this writer, she takes a boatload!
6. Diabetes Buddy – This is just another app that provides you not only with glucose tracking but also with other information such as nutrition, activity, water intake, weight and blood pressure.
You might have to try a few of these before you find the one that suits you or your diabetic loved one best. Go with the more affordable ones first so you don't waste money on apps that don't work for you.
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AlliedHealthWorld.com is a site dedicated to helping medical students find career information such as paramedic certification (http://www.alliedhealthworld.com/emt_paramedic/certification.html) and courses to help them reach their medical career goals.

Enjoy Al-Jazeera Live TV (English) on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Watch Al-Jazeera Live TV (English) on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

It really a soothing experience to watch your favorite TV news channels on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (app) is not that?

Yes… from now on wards you are able to watch the famous and popular Middle East news channel AL Jazeera (you can term it as the CNN of Middle East) Live on your smart phones. How exciting!!

Basically AL-Jazeera is a sovereign broadcaster, self owned by the state of Qatar. It has recently established itself as Arabic news and current matters satellite TV Channel. Al Jazeera has elaborated itself into a network with various outlets including in regards with the current scenario. It has expanded itself into the world of Internet and TV channels in several different languages.

AL Jazeera can be viewed in various regions all over the globe.

Yeah…occupying the whole world, bringing new cultures together and placing different types of ideas in front of all categories of the people , reportedly the world’s first English Channel which has its base in Qatar has launched its news channel on you Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.

Yes…we can have all types of news details in this application. The video streaming quality is kept adjustable as required for available bandwidth. So that you can have best experience in viewing on WiFi as well as on 3G mobile devices.

Your favorite news can be watched for long time as per your requirement wherever you are on the globe. It’s really interesting!

Stay connected to your smart phone devices where you can access you TV news Channels!!

Enjoy viewing your favorite TV news Feeds over (iOS) iPhone, iPad, iPod touch!!

What are the Components of a Cloud Computing System?

The Components of a Cloud Computing System?

As the demand for cloud computing grows, it becomes necessary for any person with an interest in getting a piece of ‘the cloud’ to understand what constitutes a good cloud computing system. The cloud refers to the internet in IT talk and when combined with computing, it basically refers to a computing method where all resources are availed via the internet.

All resources used in the system are designed with the user-end in mind, so that clients can use software applications without necessarily interacting with the technology stack and infrastructure used to build the said applications. The one thing that makes cloud computing such a great hit is its high scalability, where resources can be increased in line with the client’s demands.

Computing resources are released on demand and are such that if one component of the system fails, the system is not grounded. The system is made up of three distinct models:

- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
- Platform as a Service (PaaS)
- Software as a Service (Saas)

This level describes the physical components of cloud computing, namely storage, servers, connections and every other infrastructure needed to complete the setting for application deployment. It forms the basis for the other two models, PaaS and SaaS. All the tools used on this level are availed virtually. This means that after they have been developed, they are adjusted to make them usable on the internet. For this, they have high flexibility in that when there is malfunction in any tool, you can easily replace it.

PaaS are incorporated in the IaaS. Their primary role is to provide a platform for clients to launch their applications with ease and achieve maximum scalability. Google App Engine is a good example. PaaS works in two ways: you can develop and launch an application of the PaaS cloud provider of your choice or you can import an existing application to their platform, what is referred to as porting. Using custom PaaS applications is often cheaper compared to porting applications, because this second option often involves making changes in the coding to make the application user-friendly within the PaaS.

Software as a Service cloud computing avails a single application to a large number of users/customers. Google’s Gmail is an example. Through SaaS, customers are able to enjoy services without investing in them and the provider minimizes cost of operation.

There are other components involved in sustaining cloud computing. These are:

1. Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
This refers to the IT behind applications used to make the customer’s experience in the cloud pleasant. They include security services, e-mail virus scanning services and desktop management services.

2. Service Commerce Platforms
This is a model that takes the form of a service bureau. It combines MSP and SaaS to provide common ground where customers can order services. The platform coordinates the service delivery of all ordered services, pricing for the same and billing.

3. Web Service Providers
These provide APIs than enhance functionality in the cloud. They are responsible for making most online tasks possible.

This is a Guest Post:

David Shadler is a technologist with an interest in the modular data center, collocation, and cloud computing.

Zipcar's Tremendous Influence on Consumer Car Use

The Zipcar has exerted a tremendous amount of influence on the ways in which people use cars. A recent survey in a city in which the Zipcar was recently implemented indicates that people who belong to Zipcar are likely to do less driving as a result. In contrast, people are more likely to take advantage of public transportation options, more likely to engage in physical exercise, and more likely to experience a better quality of life.

Whenever Zipcar enters a new city and sets up shop, they take surveys and gather feedback from drivers to determine which effects Zipcar availability has on the drivers. An example of a recent survey occurred in Baltimore, where Zipcar debuted one year ago. According to the drivers of Baltimore who made use of Zipcar's services, the number of drivers who took more than five trips by car over the previous month was reduced from 38 percent, which had been the percentage of such trips taken by drivers before joining Zipcar, to only 12 percent.

This significant reduction meant that people were less likely to rely exclusively on the automobile to get them from one place to the next during the average month. However, the results did not mean that people had simply stopped using cars and going to different places since Zipcar became available. Rather, additional results from the survey indicated that people who used Zipcars were likely to start walking more to get from place to place. In fact, they walked 21 percent more than they did prior to using the car sharing service. They also began to bike more at a 14 percent hike, and 11 percent more began to use public transportation to meet their mobility needs.

As significant as these statistics were, however, the most significant statistic involved a deeper change in perspective toward transportation and the necessity of the automobile. In particular, 72 percent of people who joined Zipcar stated that having the ability to share and rent cars on a temporary basis made them less likely to either lease or purchase a car in the future. Beyond this, close to 20 percent of Zipcar members flatly stated that because of Zipcar, they had decided to sell their own personal vehicles. And close to 50 percent of ZIpcar members stated that they specifically chose not to buy a vehicle since they had access to Zipcar's services.

These statistics show the effects of Zipcar are not limited to simply encouraging people to take advantage of the service; the statistics also indicate that people are likely to consider a change in how they transport themselves and how much they rely on personal vehicles. It is an ecologically friendly solution to the necessity of personal transportation.

The statistics clearly show that ZIpcar has had a huge impact on the use of cars by consumers. Public transportation and non car transportation increased significantly over the measured year, which has positive spillover effects on traffic, parking, and pedestrian safety within cities where ZIpcars have been introduced.

This is a Guest Post,
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How To Surveillance Home with Google+ Hangouts?

How To Surveillance Home with Google+ Hangouts?
Google Plus, what is this?

The most remarkable application which is really amazing! Yes… Home Surveillance system with Google+ Hangouts how cool!!

FYI: Google Plus Hangouts is a free group video online chat social networking from search giant Google.

You must be familiar with Google+ Plus application. It is an awesome application with all the amazing inbuilt features in it. The features like circles, sparks, hangouts, huddles and many more.

Let us review the hangout feature in Google+ Plus.

Yeah…Google+ is the coolest tech innovation so far. The hangouts feature is an astonishing feature in that. It makes the rooms for the users to hang out with the friends, family or your work group friends or any of your social circles. Is not that great!

Home surveillance system, what is this?

Now we will go through the home surveillance system, what is this?

Our house should be protected when we are away or out for some reasons. Here the idea of “Active Webcam” born. The idea is really very cool!! It is very helpful to us while we are not present inside our house. It keeps its eye on our house while we are away. The sensors of the webcam detects if someone enters the house. The home security is thus gets accomplished with the help of this webcam. A great invention!

The new idea is taking birth of blending the Home Surveillance system with Google+ Hangouts (perfect online video surveillance system), how exciting!!

Yes… there should be someone who is able to keep watch on your home while you are away. The concept of webcam with hangout is perfectly fit in this condition.

As you know home surveillance system is beneficial for the house security. If it is combined with Google+ then it will be easier and comfortable to use.

Let us see how it helps us:
You can apply Google+ hangouts as an on demand remote camera viewer. You just have to create one more account on Google+ and put the first in its own circle. Then start the hangout within that circle. When you desire the check up about what is going in the house, you can just join the hangout with your alternate account and you can view what is happening in the house.

The application won’t work if you set your computer to go to bed, so be sure to turn sleep off of your PC if you want your surveillance!

Enjoy your outings and holidays with peace of mind as your home is being protected with Google Plus Hangouts Home Surveillance system!!

Hey Facebook! can you do this home surveillance? Oops!!! But Google Plus Hangouts can do this : ) Facebook can make Microsoft powered Skype VOIP video calls, but not the group video calls that's too for free, Google+ can do it too, who says and where is the competition in-between two 'giants'?

Learn full trick here & here.

Smart VOIP Calling Apps

How to Use Apple iPod Touch & amp; iPad Tablet as iPhone (Real Phone)?

For VOIP calling (WIFI & 3G, 4G), an innovative application (app) has buzzed the whole world with its most exciting features.

"Smart Mobile" is the name of this astonishing application. As the name suggest it has all the smart mobile VOIP features build in it.

Smart mobile wireless, an innovative development company has released the application which has the facility to make unlimited call to any landline or mobile numbers. How exciting, is it for real or has any fine prints, comes many questions in the mind?!!

There are various types of applications (VOIP Apps) in the current scenario which makes the people connect with each other. But generally everyone charges some how the other. Their charges are on top of a monthly rental. Thus taking this thing in consideration the smart wireless company decided to launch the application which would offer unlimited communication service in affordable price.

The newly launched application is supported by Apple iOS - iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G, 5G), iPad, iPod touch, Google - Android and RIM - Blackberry devices which permits calling to anyone, anywhere and anytime. The application has superb sound quality and has lighting fast messaging speed, as they claim.

The most astonishing feature it had is that it can turn, convert or rather modify your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch into a regular mobile device that can preferably runs your whole business wherever you are on the globe, is not that amazing!!

Yeah… there is no one you can find who is not using this application for communication purpose. Everyone enjoys saving their wireless bills as well as they enjoys the features such as All In One messaging feature that assigns your IM accounts in one location for better management. Also you are having the feature of unlimited calling on any landline or mobile number that too for FREE. This seems really cool!!

The application is very comfortable in using. It can be used within 30 seconds after downloading them on your smart phones. Smart mobile wireless, smart VoIP calling can be used for chatting and using your favorite instant messengers which really fits to the current life style of the peoples. Thus, due to this application, people are no longer tending to waste their bugs over their mobile calls.

Get a Free Lifetime VOIP Calling subscription for the:

"All volunteer" military service members,local & federal law enforcement agencies, teachers, doctors and nurses in the United States and Canada and following:

All Military Personnel - Army, Navy, Air Force, & Marine Corps, National Guard and Reserves

All Disabled or Medically Discharged Vets

All USO Members

United States Coast Guard

United States Customs

Local and Federal Law Enforcement

Doctors & Nurses

All Fire Departments & Emergency Response Personnel

Well, smart mobile wireless always searches new techniques to communicate in a better, cheaper and smarter manner with all the peoples around the globe.

Stay ahead of the arc and your business challengers by giving yourself and your Smartphone the ultimate gift of Smart Mobile and start reducing the cost of your wireless bill today!

Stay informed with Telephoon Tech & VOIP Blog, in the world of wireless applications! We will serve you right!


Skype Video Call on Android; How to? (VOIP)

Did you were searching for the “Skype for Android” application which could enable you to enjoy unlimited free face-to-face video conferencing with other Skype users. You can make live mobile video calls in real time with Skype for Android application and communicate the most remarkable, cherished moments with your dear ones wherever you are.

Skype has entirely restyled the user interface in the forthcoming “Skype for Android 2.0” version. With the help of its new main menu, the users can easily sail through their contacts. It will also permit their users to modify their personal information or the users can also check their credit balance on their profile without any trouble.

On more option Skype has given to its users that is “MOOD MESSAGE BOX”. Here you can share your feelings and emotions with your personal contacts.

At the same time users can also create calls to landlines and mobiles around the world as well as they can also mail SMS’s to their friends or family members all over the world at a convenient Skype rates. Everything comes within the amazing feature of the Skype for Android user interface.

Skype for Android with video calling is applicable on both Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

The amazing features you get with the new applications are:-

1. You can create and receive free Skype one-to-one video calls to other Skype users on iPhone and other Android phones.

2. Make esteemed calls to landlines and smart phones all over the world.

3. You can ping SMS’s to friends and families all around the globe from your Android devices at convenient Skype rates.

Right now the supported Skype video calling devices are: (Android handsets versions for making a Skype mobile video call on the go are): Sony Ericsson Xperia neo, HTC Desire S, Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro, Google nexus S. Later this will come on many more Android devices and Android tablets etc,

It’s a hike time for Gen X! Enjoy!

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