WebRTC: Open-Real Time Communication, What is it?

WebRTC: Open-Real Time Communication, Tell me More!

Google WebRTC (real time communication; Google released source code) is an open source project (and is like an open VOIP protocol) which would allow the real time BROWSER CALLING, i.e. a browser to browser communication which could be audio or video calling, and there is no need of a server to get involved into this all,

WebRTC open source project API will use P2P (peer-to-peer) web API which will help the developers to integrate video / audio communication, by implementing P2P linking between the web browsers,

This is based on the HTML5 and Javascript APIs to develop real time communication apps, and which would not have to install the third party clients or plugin solution, licensed under the ROYALTY-FREE licence!

Google seems to take on Microsoft's Skype VOIP citadel and Apple's Facetime lucrative free video chat, and has made it easy by acquiring of GIPS, which specializes in video call conference and Broadband telephony!

Get Ready for the Chrome Video Chat

Chrome (Mozilla and Opera too supports) is the very first to taste the WebRTC solution than Chrome will allow us to make a real time video calling like Skype or Facetime on Mac with no need of downloading any plugins or any third party video calling software like Skype or Fring!



Libjingle: Google Talk Voice / P2P inter operability library

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