Social TV: Enjoy Bamboom

Social TV: Enjoy BAMBOOM

"Darling, would you please jiggle the antenna?"
"Ah Man, the match has started"
"What to watch, what to watch? No connection"
"Am paying $100 a month for this"

These are quite often hearings while walking on the roadside.

But now TV is free of all the shackles!! TV Escapes!! Shocked?

Yes, really a great invention in the broadcasting media has occurred. It's BAMBOOM, who want to bring live, broadcast TV to your phone, Tablet or PC. You must be thinking that will that could be ever possible? The answer is YES. It's going to happen sooner.

Bamboom, the most recent company that is assuring to hand over live, over-the-air broadcasts to your mobile phones, computers for a free. The service which Bamboom provides is totally legal that is; not like the other companies which just simply catch the live broadcasts from the local TV stations and then rerun them.

To avoid this issues Bamboom is going to allot own antenna to each customers. Now you would think that antenna means same experience that is to get an antenna, stuck it on top of your TV or on a upper side of your house. But no, there is a huge divergence in Bamboom antenna that is, the antenna is laid at the company's headquarters and packed tightly with thousands of other antennas. Bamboom then claws up your antenna to the internet granting you to current broadcast to PC or mobile device.

Including this Bamboom could finally offer a DVR service letting you to record shows for later viewer. The company is also rolling up with Netflix service so that you can close the Bamboom application and you can either watch TV, watch movies or the various programs accessible from Netflix.

Does the application have any social features in it? Yes, it true. Bamboom allows you to chat with other users while you are seeing the live TV shows.

One question does come in mind is that what will be the cost for this?

On the contrary the basic service might be free but Bamboom could charge for other features such as DVR access or Netflix.

It is very much interesting to see that how companies are enclosing the surviving laws by duplicating your home media setup on a remote servers. Can't rerun TV over the Internet? All right we will just set up a remote TV tuners and antennas.

Everyone loves TV. The lovely comedies and dramas, exciting competitions, amazing range of live sports, wonderful educational and family programs. We all enjoy all the programs.

What nobody likes is the disturbance that comes in between, the lack of choice and portability. But all that is going to change! Yes, Bamboom is a big, bold new technology having the principles:

• Free over-the-air broadcast TV.

• Our customers should have the exemption to choose when and where they watch,

Whatever they want to watch on whatsoever device they want to see it.

With such technology you break free from distinctive TV experience. Free from constrictive and expensive TV packages. Free from wires and boxes. With this your TV will just becomes mobile. Your TV becomes social and it's all enclosed in a graceful and easy-to-use experience that you can work on the sets/devices you previously have.

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