Skype VOIP for iPad 2, How to?

Skype VOIP for iPad 2, How to and When?

Skype, undoubtedly the 'cutest' among-est the VOIP providers is all set to give you a pleasant surprise, Skype is coming for a download soon on iPad & iPad 2, than you can use your iPad2 as a communication hub or a telephone and can make free Skype to Skype worldwide calls,

Skype is world's largest VOIP free calls provider which ALSO provides the all free, unlimited audio and video crystal clear P2P calls,

Skype also works over iPhone and even video calling can be done on the move over Apple iPhone device and now is the turn of Apple iPads (iPad, iPad 2)

FaceTime or Skype on iPad 2?

Will you use Facetime video calls or Skype the VOIP for making video calls on your iPad 2 tablet? is the question now : )

Facetime is the native video calling (WIFI only) for free client from Apple on iPhone, iPad 2 and iPod Touch 4g, but Skype has to be downloaded from iTunes store which is unmatched King of VOIP,

Now the time will tell that who will use what, but FYI: Facetime only works over WIFI and only in between iOS devices and we know Skype works WIFI and 3G both and also works on cross-platform devices.


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