QR Codes on Silk Dress Plays Video, How?

How the QR (Quick Response) codes printed on a white Silk dress can play videos when scanned by a smart mobile phone?

Amazing but true, that how the QR codes are changing the technology or we can rather say embedding the technology into the life of an ordinary man!

At the Webby Awards, look how 'she' had designed a white shift dress on Silk printed with some QR codes on it, and when the dress was scanned over the smart cell phones, it started to play the winning videos,

This is perfect blend of latest wireless technology with the creative fashion designing, wow, what an idea and of course the talent, congrats young lady, keep it up and going!!!

QR codes, RIFD, AR (Augmented Reality) etc are some technological innovations which can make the life very interesting and lively / 3D.

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