Net Talk Duo: Free Calls to US-Canada

Nettalk Duo is a hardware or a small piece of device (something like Magic Jack) which enables us to talk over Internet / VOIP.

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This device also carries an extremely splendid advantage that is it has the ability to connect directly to your router’s internet connection or through your computer. With this you can call through out US and Canada.

Make VOIP Calling without a laptop, PC or computer

Also this will provide you with a facility of making unlimited long distance calls in US and Canada. You have to connect your high speed Internet and existing home phone into the Duo and then get connected anywhere around the US and Canada.

Also your problem for finding the numbers or contact details will not be a problem as Net Talk Duo will provide you with complementary directory assistance. Hence you can now save a lot or your money because this device will allow you to say good bye to your conventional old phones.

All of us know that while talking on those traditional phones we are so tensed that later may be the bill will cost a bomb. But with this device you will not have to worry about those fears about the monthly payments of the telephone bills.

You will also get a free US phone number with this device. There is an advantage of free 411 directory help. You will also be facilitated with many other benefits like three way calling, call forwarding, free call waiting and many more.

For the convenience of the users NetTalk Duo also provides with an Online Customer Account Management Application which has many features to manage your personal information in an extremely seamless and a systematic manner.

They have also been very keen on this possibility that you may also need technical support; hence they also provide live technical support through out the week. There is one more facility which comes along with this device which may be you might have never even heard of that is when you get a voice mail, this device will directly send these voice mail messages to your email address and that just not in the form of a message but in the form of the actual spoken message as an audio file.

Thus you can just use yours or anybody else’s PC to listen to your voice mail messages without even needing the phone. Also this is an absolutely inexpensive way to make international calls because the rates are extremely cheap and will not a burden for anyone to call.

This application is not only cheap but also Fax friendly and congenial. Its just so many benefits that are added on with this device that the list can get never ending. FYI: this device also provides you with the facility of Caller ID.

We know that with this small wonder hardware you can view the phone number beforehand and then decide accordingly about answering the call or not.

This is one of the most downloaded software on Amazon, Wal-Mart and many of the social networking sites. So today this is the most happening and useful device in today’s world and will definitely save a lot of your money on communication.

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