Make Facetime Video Call On 3G on iOS 5

How to Make Apple's FREE Facetime video calls over 3G & WIFI networks?

Are you an addict of mobile (cell phone) video calling that is too for free?

Did you tried Apple's native app FACETIME on iPhone 4, iPod Touch generation 4 or from Mac?

Facetime is an excellent in-built app from Apple which gives unlimited, free, real time video chat anywhere to anywhere, local, long distance or overseas, but the lacuna is that this only works over WIFI and not on 3G data networks,

Third party video call app works over 3G but Facetime Not?!

Though there are many third party apps to make video calls on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch which works on 3G, 4G etc like Fring, Yahoo , VTOK etc. but they still are third party apps and Facetime is from Apple itself, (FYI: Fring also provides for group video calling for free over smart mobiles),

FACETIME over 3G is coming in iOS 5 ?

9to5mac reports that with the advent of the Apple's latest mobile operating software iOS 5 the Facetime video calls may get permitted over cellular 3G data networks too worldwide and may be with the permission of the local telecom operators!

Facetime video conferencing if / when comes to 3G, will open a whole new world of fantasy, making video chat at a touch of single button, as Facetime is easy to operate, its mobile, on the go and free to make video call unlimited, Cheers!!!

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