iPad 2: IP-HD Group Video Meeting, Upto 20 Guys

Vidyo powered group call conferencing over Apple iPad 2 and many more devices, who says FRING is the very first to give this Group Video Calling over iPad 2?!

Even after the technology has advanced with leaps and bounds today, every one of us still seeks for something more that could help our lives a little bit more.

No doubt that many bigwigs like Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc have created history and completely revolutionized the world of internet & technology and of communication with the varied range of products.

One of the latest devices developed from Apple. Inc is the iPad2 tablet PC. It basically serves as a tool for all kind of stuff relevant to modern age communication and the web or the Internet world. The features and the technology delivered in iPad2 are advanced and perhaps there is nothing that can beat it. But technology is ever evolving, and never remains as it is or static …

Well, there is a new application called Vidyo which can be used for video conferencing or video meetings? When we think of communication through a cell phone that too along with video, what usually comes to our mind is may be at a time we can talk with two or maximum three people at a time. But guys you are wrong and behind time.

Yes can you believe this that Vidyo is a video conferencing system which enables to avail video conferencing from nine to twenty people at a time. Isn’t that fantastic? Today when we think of business, it base is dependent upon the level of communication that is carried out internally or externally.

If the communication is frail then definitely it has adverse effects on the development of the business. With this application when you are using video conferencing you will almost like all of you are sitting together in a conference hall and doing the discussions. This works with the standard sized hardware and also provides an extremely efficient and effectively quality.

The capability possessed by this application is really very unique and distinct. This will help you to achieve contact with a large number people sitting at one place. This is definitely a huge advantage for any business.

Video call conferencing also helps cost cutting which would otherwise be needed for some one to personally go and interact. Usually the biggest restriction to businesses for acquiring this facility was the expense, as it was highly expensive but with Vidyo it’s a lot different.

So all the businesses who strongly feel that telepresence is something which is not in their budgets, please wait and take a look at the Vidyo I am sure you will change your mind.

This is the right time for everyone to go and grab the VIDYO, this will surely act as an instrument in burgeoning your businesses and making your life cool!

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