iPad 2 Group Video Call (4-Way) by Fring

Four Way Group Video Call Cross-Platform on iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia, Android

Hold your breath, Apple iPad, iPad 2 and Fring mobile VOIP have joined hands and are coming with 4 way group video calling on Apple’s Big-small screen i.e. to iPad’s (& iPad 2) digital screen,

Also the cross-platform video calls over iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, Mac, Nokia, Android are now available with Fring App, just download it for free from iTunes store, Android market etc,

Now you can make a download of FREE Apple App from Fring from iTunes store and start making an unlimited FREE (Fring to Fring) video group chat sessions to anywhere in the world from any where in the world,

The latest Fring app supports Bluetooth for Apple iPhone users!

If you are using Fring to Non-Fring client than you may use cheap video group calls using FRINGOUT service which provides for low cost video / audio calling on mobile phones (cell phones) and Apple iPad, iPad 2 etc,

Remember Fring works over WIFI, 3G, 4G all networks and you can use them as you wish,

Facetime versus Fring versus Skype VOIP Video Calls on iPad

Facetime is the in-house (native) & embedded video chat application from Apple Inc. which comes pre-installed on Apple iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 2, Mac etc and gives freedom to make an unlimited FREE WIFI calling on (in-between) these Apple iOS devices, but currently this only works over a WIFI network and also many VOIP blocked nations like UAE (Gulf) have blocked Facetime video call conferencing etc,

MS Skype the VOIP stronghold too is coming over Apple iPad 2 and than the Facetime will have to face a stiff competition in the video calling arena on iPad,

Fring is a cool IP solution for mobile social networking and internet calling from Israel, this gives DVQ quality video calls and perhaps is the first in the VOIP industry to offer 4 way group video calls over cell phones (smart mobile phones) and now also on iPad and iPad 2 etc.

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