Internet Telephony Blocked? Try Spokn Now

Spokn is a name for the low cost, inexpensive or cheap provider of the internet phone calls (VOIP), with Spokn internet telephony you can make cell to cell or PC to cell cheap overseas calls, Spokn guys may not always be online but their telephony always is

Spokn application works with any landline, mobile, SIP devices, Java, Mac, Nokia, Windows Mobiles, Apple iPhone app and RIM's Blackberry too,

Spokn is a Geodesic company, known for its innovations like MUNDU free FM streaming app for mobiles,

Make an Internet (VOIP) Call from UAE, Middle East, VOIP Blocked nations with Spokn

Spokn claims that their newest WINDOWS DESKTOP CLIENT can really and intelligently bypass the VOIP blocks and can tunnel your voice calls over the internet way in a very cheap and effective manner, so you can always make a cheap VOIP calls from UAE or call blocked environments,

Viber too is an app which was giving VOIP calling from UAE (VOIP blocked) nations but later it was also blocked by UAE, let us see how Spokn works from there and if works, for how much days? Start counting now : )


It is said that, Skype, Apple Facetime free video calls etc all are blocked from UAE!

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