How to use a Landline Number on iPhone?

How to use a Land-line Number on Apple iPhone smart mobile?

Communication is vital and the cell phones have become the necessity of our life. Due to these we possess the ability to stay connected to our family, friends, business and others. Land line phones are fixed with a wire hence they cannot be moved from one place to another, hence they possess a constraint but now the cell phones have become very popular as they are very easy and convenient to carry every anywhere, unlike the land lines which aren’t mobile.

Evolution of a new technology!

So moving on to a new technology where in we can connect land line to a mobile phone is evolved. Blueface is a new name that joined this epitome and has discovered this new application and the service for iPhone. Blueface has introduced a very novel application Banter; this is an application for iPhone which will permit you to receive calls through a landline phone number that they offer you. Thus will actually serve as a virtual number which you can use on the move.

There are also various benefits with it which you can get with this application. This provides you with a credit of 50 cents on subscription and then it depends on your wish to top it up as and when required. Also the prices proposed by these services are very inexpensive and also better than the conventional telephones.

The biggest element that distinguishes this from all the others among all the other companies providing such voice services around the globe is the virtual number you get. Thus this allows you an un-parallel application which gives a virtual number with which you can call globally. Also this can be done in a seamless and a trouble free manner and at a very low cost.

This is done in a very simple way by just downloading an application from the iTunes application store and all you have to do is just follow the instructions that are given. The Blueface Banter iPhone application work on iPhones OS 3.1 and higher including the iPhone 4. When you sign up the application you are asked for an area code, thus a number will be generated for your particular city or the country.

Now this would your new landline number. This number will allow you to receive calls from everyone you know. The call connection from your landline will be charged at the mobile prices to your device. Also its not that you will have to pay any rent or anything of the similar kind for this new landline number.

How it works:

i) Open the App, sign in and ensure you have credit in your account.
ii) Select 'Call' and choose the person you wish to call from your iPhone contacts list.
iii) The application will request a call from us to you and you can answer it.
iv) The call is then connected to the number you selected.

This application is immensely hassle-free, innovative and an inexpensive way to make calls and that possess a virtual landline number.


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