How to Transfer Open Apps Between PC & Mobile Phone?

We are completely surrounded by technology today. As known to all we depend a lot on technology for our many day to day needs. But though still in some cases we feel that I wish I could this also be done using technology. Because our needs are never ending and everyone wants something more.

Many a times it happens that we are surfing on the Internet and then we do reach a desired point where in we need to leave for kind of urgency or some thing similar to that and then we feel that I wish I could transfer the applications which are open on the computer to my phone.

This would practically sound impossible, also to make people believe in something like this is difficult because people have become far more skeptical. It happens that many a times you wish to go somewhere and you are trying to find the way or the directions through the computer, and then it happens that just before going out that too when you are in immense hurry you have to type it all over again.

This is the time when you feel that it would have been so nice if there something with which you could transfer open applications between a computer and a cell phone. But today this has also become possible as Tsung-Hsiang Chang has designed a new system which will unable you to open the applications of your computer on your cell phone.

You just have to point & shoot PC, laptop computer screen and this has to be done using your smart phone’s camera and then this will automatically open the application in the tallying state.

... And not only this you can also transfer the data or applications from your phones to your computer. It is true that it happens that sometimes you have to transfer a lot of data or check out stuff for which you need to connect USB’s or stuff of similar kind but, when you just need the transfer for a small data, then it’s tedious to do all this connecting and stuff so its very simple and handy to use this technology at such times.

This system is called as Deep Shot (by It just requires an installation of small software on your phones and also to all the computers with which the phone is going to be interacting with.

... because it may happen that you might need to transfer data from may be laptop, or your Personal Computer, or may be your work desktop so for this you need to connect and install the software in all computers.

The Deep Shot will certainly make things a lot easier for us in managing our data and thus lead a more comfortable mobile life.

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