How to Scan-To-Pay Credit Card on Mobile App?

It’s so boring & lazy sometimes to swap the credit cards and then wait for it to get entered and then to do the formalities and all that stuff, huh!

Using a technology: the software developers for mobile apps. can accept credit card payments just by scanning from with-in their mobile apps, just grab the Android / Apple iOS SDK (software development kit),

To accept the credit card payments over the mobile apps, you have to hold your credit card (plastic money) in front of your cell phone camera / mobile phone camera rather than going through the doing all of this stuff typing etc. by hand or manually, rest of the things would be done by this mobile wireless technology to accept the credit card payment over a mobile phone,

Anyone who wants things to be get easier, than it’s a GOOD NEWS!!! I know all of you might be thinking that how can buying stuff be easier than buying it with credit cards, isn’t it? But actually yes you can save the time and the manual stuff that is needed when you buy something with the credit cards,

Oh come on! We are not kidding at all. We all know that the tendency of people spending is much more when there aren’t any efforts or rather less efforts are involved in it. That is the basic reason why every one prefers to carry plastic money / credit or debit cards instead of carrying a lot of hard cash or paper money.

A new technology called has been evolved

This wireless mobile application provides for an efficient and easy scanning of credit cards. Many of us are a bit hesitant to make any kind of purchase due to the effort or hardships involved in it and is all about eliminating the efforts and the manual labor involved in any buying experience.

This application of means an extremely quicker way to pay. All you have to do is just hold your credit card in front of your mobile phone camera screen rather than going through the doing all of this stuff by hand, nothing to type or do manually. Be assure this will not save your credit card number or any data anywhere, they say it is a secure way to pay over mobile phones,

The scanning technology that this application possesses will automatically ‘read’ the details of the credit card which are needed for doing the payment. is kind of tool or rather a software development kit for all the mobile application developers.

This way to use this application is easy and seamless; you just have to sign up for this kit. There after you will be provided with a code to enter & paste and immediately after that you will be able to accept the payments of your credit card just by holding & scanning it.


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