How to Integrate Skype as Facebook Chat Client?

Use Skype the VOIP? Well, now with Skype, it is possible to chat directly with our Facebook friends and contacts. Is not it a pleasure to know? This could really be a cool addiction for all Skype and Facebook users.

Till now you might have been using Facebook just to share your feelings with your friends but now there is new technology that is launched recently through which you can chat with the Facebook users within Skype.

A new release SKYPE 5.5, it is a new version of Skype that allows you to chat directly with your Facebook contacts. Wherever and whenever you are you can chat with your online Facebook friend with the help of this new technology.

You might think that it’s going to be tough to make the connections, but no! The connection is just simple as you think. You just have to simply connect your Facebook account with Skype and then it will show all of your Facebook friends in a new “Facebook” tab.

If your friend is online then you just click his/her name and select “send an IM” option and right then onwards start Facebook chat session.

Previously you have to again and again keep switching in the Facebook to see if a friend is online or does anyone posted a message but now there is no necessity to do these steps as the information will appear on the system itself.

Also Skype is a cool and seamless option for you if you are expecting to chat with you Facebook friends outside the browser.

The Skype for Windows 5.5 includes some features:-

• Facebook Instant Messaging-> you can chat directly with your Facebook friends directly with the help of Skype 5.5

• Facebook contact tab-> a new tab within Skype to let the friends contact list appear.

• New call control toolbar-> having the pre-designed graphics icons.

• A better visual placing for a call hold.

• The phone number list is modified to save the phone numbers in “call phone” section.

The best option of video calling, chatting is at your finger touch.

Stay tuned to the world’s one of the best online chatting, video calling service!

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