How to Broadcast Live HDTV Over WIFI?

How to Broadcast Live HDTV Over WIFI (IP)?

Today every ‘inch’ of a person is busy in his own life, we have millions of things to do, and every one seeks time for some or the other kind of entertainment to refresh him.

There are different things that people to like listen to music, play, or such of similar kind. But the most popular source of entertainment today is of course Television. Everyone has their own set of favorites on TV and some how or the other we manage to take some time out for watching those, but also this fact cannot be ignored that we are so busy with our professional lives and hence it is practically impossible to get time for all of our favorite things at their relevant times.

LIVE HDTV anywhere, anytime, any device, is it possible?

But wouldn't it be great if there is some sort of technology with which we could watch Live TV anywhere anytime, especially even when we are not at home. So for everyone who is just waiting for something of this kind to happen, your wait is over. As just a few days back Motorola Mobility has a new broadband device that will in reality stream live TV to any connected in-home IP device located on a home network.

Known as the Motorola Televation, this geeky gadget will use 1 GHz digital tuner + CableCard which would enable an access to broadcast TV channels directly from a coax outlet.

The device will work with a high-performance transcoder. The device also will have an Ethernet jack which will plug into the home Wi-Fi router and the TV shows can thus be wirelessly beamed or streamed over an IP to any device(s) connected to that home network.


• This acts as an autonomous content access point and effectively tunes in all the subscribed services and trans codes to the proper format without interrupting the household viewing.
• You can change the channels on the tablet in a very simple manner; also this will not at all disturb the other family members viewing.
• With this you will also be able to navigate Televation’s experience using an application on your tablet.
• The providers can either build their own branded application or use a customizable, ready to use application created by Motorola.
• Televation is extremely easy to install and proper for cost-effective, subscriber self-installation.

Everybody knows that we love TV but we absolutely crave for them to be able to watch it live on our phones or tablets.

So this is the smartest and the latest way of viewing live broadcast of TV over wifi.

Motorola also provides a reference client application for tablet devices that can be easily branded, giving customers an alternative to developing their own application. Also the biggest factor which is far superior in the technology is that this device will have the ability and capability to push content to multiple screens including your laptops, PC’s, tablets, phones are many more WiFi sources.

So everyone who loves to watch TV here is a technology that will never let you miss any of your programs where ever you are, all you need is just a WiFi and you have the live broadcast of TV over your WiFi.

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