How To HD Video Phone on TV : Skype-Comcast?

Forget free local or overseas video calling on mobile (cellular) phone's small screen, or laptops' BIG-SMALL screen, just get hooked to an unlimited free video calls over HD-TV now, thanks to Skype-Comcast VOIP love!

Skype calling works over Panasonic, Samsung etc brands of tele-visions and now Comcast will sell the SKYPE-BOX to initiate the worldwide video VOIP chat,

Comcast-Skype VOIP Call / Skype Free Video / Audio Calls

When initiated, the Comcast-Skype customers will be able to receive an incoming Skype call (or Skype to Skype free call) over the TV on the full screen or within PIP (picture-in-picture type small popping window), while enjoying the TV program at the same time,

Comcast customers will enjoy the Skype on any brand of TV and will not be limited only to Samsung, Panasonic or any particular brand of TV,


Skype is recently purchased by Microsoft and in the cut throat competition among big-wigs over the video calling and mobile phone video chat everybody is trying hard to carve its place,

Television is Ringing, its A Ringtone Time on TV

When next time a Skype VOIP call follow you on your HD-TV, do not panic, just love to listen the sweet TV ringtone and be a nice Comcast-Skyper!

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