Free-Private Video Messaging on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, PC

How to send free and private VIDEO messaging over Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices (over WIFI / 3G cellular data network)?

Many of us love voice calling, live video chat or VOIP calling over phone or cell, it is easy, to-the point and time saving but lots of us and specially teens still love text messaging or sms and also video messaging like MMS,

Now do web / mobile Video Messaging with SayClip: Free and Privately

SayClip is an app which is free for iOS devices which promises free and private video messaging on Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and a PC with web cam, their app is also coming for Android based mobile devices to make them capable of doing over-the-air video messaging for free in private mode,

Send mobile video message overseas too for free over 3G / WIFI

SayClip video messaging app works globally and one can login this via a Facebook account, Facebook-Connect sends a notification to the person receiving the video message, so there is virtually no need to have this app for the 'message receiving party',

Group Video Messaging for free

This video SMS app also provides the facility to send a group video (message to more than one person) message for free to your contacts,

... and they say do not leave a voice mail but do SayClip video messaging, and be in touch with your near ones., you can also use Apple iTunes apps over Apple's iCloud now.

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