Free Phone Calls to Pakistan: by Rebtel

How to make free mobile phone calls to Pakistan from rest of the world?

Rebtel is a name which makes sense when we think of free international calls in-between 50 Rebtel countries or cheap overseas calls to the rest of the world,

Rebtel specializes in providing phone to phone calls (from 2G or mobile or a land line) and you never need a PC, data plan or internet connectivity, 3G or WIFI to make these low cost or free calls,

Here is a really cool offer from Sweden based very reputed & honest Team Rebtel, they are offering absolutely free phone calls to Pakistan for their existing and new customers, just grab the coolest offer ever,

Only fine print is that, the Rebtel FREE phone calls to Pakistan offer stands up to when the free calling minutes gets exhausted, Rebtel is offering 2 million free minutes to Pakistan right now for this July 2011 promo, and as a fair user policy upto 400 free calling minutes are for the use of any single user!

If you are a paid customer of Rebtel than you are eligible to take the advantage of free phone calls to Pakistan, for new customers there is always a free no obligation test call to anywhere,

Well, for Talkfree7 VOIP Blog's UAE (Gulf) readers and also VOIP blocked nations' readers you may give it a shot to Rebtel telephony to make free calling to Pakistan, this could be cheaper than VOIP way, take the best and full throttle advantage of free calls to Pakistan,

If anytime any problem occurs pl do not hesitate to contact helping Rebtel custome[email protected]

Enjoy free Pakistan calling! Do inform your near and dears by sending the link of this blog or via Facebook, Twitter, Google's +1 etc. Bookmark us!

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call UAE said...

Are the free calls to Pakistan only for Sweden or they are global?

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