Free Mobile VOIP Video Chat App: Oovoo for iPhone

Ovoo for Mobile (Online) Free Video Chat App (How to)?

Oovoo is a popular mobile and online video chat solution for Microsoft Windows based platform, Google Android, Apple iOS, iPad2, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and Mac etc, this is a popular VOIP software which paves the way for the 6-WAY multi-party video chat in real time and instantly,

A VOIP app for an instant, real-time Free Video chat over PC or mobile

Apart from Apple's own and native Video calling app Facetime, plethora of free video calling apps are now available in iTunes store like one is Oovoo,

With Oovoo application one can make a video call conference over / in-between PC, Tablet PC, Mac or mobile devices, Ovoo VOIP app works over WIF, 4G and 3G cellular data network, both,

Oovo for iPad, iPad2, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, HTC Pyramid and many more compatible mobile / cellular devices is now available,

Fring DVQ Mobile VOIP App to make 4 way Free group call conferencing

Yet an an another mobile VOIP free video calls and group video calls solution is from Fring. Fring hails from Israel and is an innovation in mobile audio / video chatting,

Fring to Fring call are always free like Skype to Skype, anywhere in the world and Fring works over Android, iOs etc too with nice connectivity over 3G, 4G or WIFI,

Fring can be used even to call in-between (cross-platform) an Android and iOs devices, that's really cool f the technical and wireless innovation.

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