Free Digital TV For Mobile Phones on WIFI

How to watch? / Free Digital TV & DVR for Smart Mobile Phones, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch over WIFI

Cydle is South Korea based company which expertise in providing subscription FREE digital smart phone mobile TV tuner (ATSC-M/H) signal (receiver), over-the-air on WIFI with an adjustable antenna,

This Cydle i30 streams real-time, live TV on smart cell phones and Apple iPhone etc. and could be a good option to watch the television on the move, you will love this electronic Mobile TV solution as and when it hits the markets,

Over the air free digital mobile TV Broadcast

Over-the-air free digital TV may have some limitations too like no premier cable TV channels viz. Comedy Central, Discovery channel etc.,

Premium TV channels with subscription mode for iOS Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

To get enabled to watch DVR, live premier TV channel, you can get a subscription from Comcast's free Xfinity TV app, than you have to pay a small fee (appox $7.99) to view live digital TV channels over the air on Apple iPhone mobile etc., this too works over WIFI connectivity or WIFI hotspots!

With YouTube Live, you can now watch the stunning real-time feeds of sports and such things, on the WIFI mobile digital TV

... Cydle's record is good in GPS navigational devices and Android apps in the last few months or so.

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