Communication iPad App For Guys With Speech Problems

Communication iPad App For Guys With Speech Problems

On the Earth there are millions of people who are unable to speak properly. For such people there exist many solutions. In the advanced field of computing and mobiles there is a great invention for them who are suffering from speech disabilities. The mobile application recently launched its first free application called VERBALLY.

It is aimed and designed to bring speech for the speechless. Verbally is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for the people who are unable to speak. There are many reasons to cause such type of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Brain Injury, strokes and many more. It is a wonderful application for these types of peoples.

Verbally” the application is designed in such a way that it allows users to tap the words they wish to convey with others on the applications keyboards or also they can use the pre-prepared words or phrases to communicate which will be then converted into audio phrases (text to speech).

The application is the brainchild of Anil, Gautam Godhwani with the help of their cousin Ajay who lost their mother because of failure of her voice. After then they all started investigating solutions for voice failures.

Verbally was then founded by them which are a complete assisted speech solution for Apple iPad tablet PC. It is an easy to use technology to the speechless person. Verbally is a not so hard to use. It is simple designed software which users can communicate quickly without any problems.

The settings are quite comfortable for the novice. Verbally is totally free software which allows speechless persons to pass their feelings and expressions in a creative manner. This is just satisfactory software for the physically challenged (with speech) persons.

Reasons why anyone should choose verbally

Easy to use. There are organized words and phrases in it which can save the time and speed up your conversation.

There are three keyboards layouts so that you can choose the better one you can feel easy and comfortable for you.

It is also a free software application so it is cost saving application and also the 3G connection and the Wi-Fi is not required for it. You just have to download it from the iTunes application store and start to use the application.

Another revolutionary invention for speech problem persons is PROLOQUO2GO. It is the product of Assistive Ware which provides full featured communication solution for the speechless persons.

Proloquo2Go is fully designed with the features of powerful automatic couplings, a large default vocabulary. It is extremely easy to use on iPhone, iPad. The Augmentative and Alternative Communication was never been so portable and affordable before the launch of Proloquo2Go. The working of this application is extremely simple. If you are able to use an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can easily use the Proloquo2Go which has lot of advanced features.

The good part of the application is that there is no programming part involved in it. It includes natural sounding text to speech voices.

The best key features of Proloquo2Go are:-

• It is fully communicated with the default VocaSpace vocabulary.
• It is built-in natural sounding text to speech voices.
• It supports the picture and text base communication.
• It has 8000 built-in symbols.
• Automatic organization of the words.
• It is easy to cut copy and paste the words in it.
• It has quick approach to recently spoken items for last 15 minutes, last hour or all the way up to last one week.
• It has the best typing features assembled with self learning multi words for the typing the paragraphs.

Proloquo2Go is changing the current scenario for the people in the world who are unable to speak. This is the application that is changing the lives of peoples. The speech language pathologists also recommend the Proloquo2Go.

Recently Proloquo2Go wins the prestigious BETT award 2011. It is available at displays at al the Apple stores world wide.

It is cool and convenient product for the peoples suffering with autism, Down syndrome, Victim of stroke which can easily make the life of people happier than ever.

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