Cisco-UMI -Telepresense Video Call System, What's It?

Cisco-UMI -Telepresense Video Call System, What's It?

Join the family and friends in the living room over HD television!!

A company named CISCO is expecting to bring tele-presence within your living room. CISCO who has achieved a good name in business with its telepresence technology, wishes to bring the same to your house. CISCO has announced a home telepresence product called UMI which is pronounced as UMI (you-me).

Today as families are more and more equipped with high speed Internet, HD televisions screens, LCD’s and LED’s but now the boom will be of telepresence in the drawing / living room.

The main motto of this product is to bring Grandpa-Grandma into the living room so that your kids can share all their matters or feelings or their school achievements with them.

Not only just to share with your family but the company ideas far beyond that. CISCO wants to bring telepresence in every home as well as the video service for the other consumers such as health care, education and government services where it is rather more important.

CISCO wants to add your family as well as your friends to your drawing room at the click of a button with clear sight and sound. You can share a laugh; share your feelings, expressions and many more with your friends and family members. You can spend some prime time together and have a wonderful moment with them.

Just imagine that you are very ill and your doctor is examining you or your science tutor giving demonstrations!! It’s just simply awesome.

This is what CISCO-UMI is about.

About the pricing of product it’s a kind of plunge. You have to pay for the set top box along with monthly rental for unlimited use.

The new concept of work from your own comfort level whether from home or office is now possible because of this new technology called UMI. It will now take along the distinctive telepresence experience into the drawing room and thus will modify the way we are able to be together with our family and friends.

CISCO is visualizing a great future where technologies like UMI will play a vital role connecting consumers with businesses to alter the delivery of new services right from education, to health car, to financial services last but not the least to the home.

Be together with UMI video conferencing technology today, tomorrow and forever…..

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